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4k video

  1. A

    DJI Inspire 1 Pro Drone with X5 camera, like new

    $2,900 DJI Inspire 1 Pro drone with a lots more! I am the first owner of this drone and a FAA certified pilot. I used it for a total flight time of 13H49, total distance 32.2 miles Like new. no mark or scratch, no crash. Inspire 1 PRO , with Zenmuse X5 4K Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal ($3,899) DJI...
  2. ElectricLife

    Winter Lake: Lago Maggiore filmed with DJI Inspire2 & Zenmuse X7

    A short cinematic video of the Lago Maggiore in Winter. Featuring the snowy Alps as well as the iconic traghetto (Ferry). The aerial footage was shot using a DJI Inspire2 and the DJI Zenmuse X7 camera with the 35 and 50mm lenses. Minor color correction and no ND filter.
  3. A

    HD, 4K and ND filters, Contradictory ?

    Sorry for asking, but I am relative new to video, and complete newborn to filmproductions. From a technical point of view, can I easely understand why ND filteres is used because a big apertur is wanted in a nearly every shoots. (Maby except some landscape types of images, But even here small...
  4. We Talk UAV


    Drone Nerds has a side by side video comparison between the Mavic and Inspire 2. Sure, some may think that this is like a comparison of Prius against a corvette. Personally, I think it just shows how versitle the Mavic can be. But that is just me. Inspire 2, on the other hand, has the X 5 S...
  5. W

    Cinema SSD cards.

    Does the Cinema SSD cards are only needed with the Zenmuse X5S camera to record Apple ProRes and/or Cinema-DNG? (I know you have to buy license keys for those formats) or Can they be use to record the standard 4K with the X5S and not using MicroSD cards? Thanks for any help!
  6. Tim

    Long duration video

    Hi all, I have a requirement to continuously film 4k 25fps for 2.5 hours. The OSMO is ideal because it's a pretty bumpy platform but on all my test runs, the video stops after 4 x 10 minute clips. The set-up is a fast 90mps 64Gig SD (formatted through DJI GO) with an old phantom 2 battery...
  7. C

    10-15 frames dropped between video files?

    As you may or may not know, the X5 will split your video into 2 files once you record more than 4.2GB (~9minutes 20 seconds of 4K video). I noticed when I was looking at some client files this week that when the camera creates a new file it drops around half a second of the video, or about 10-15...
  8. J

    The great N.W.

    Here is a quick clip from our latest shoot for a resort in Washington from our X5R. This is in 1080 to save space on my Vimeo account. There has been no post work done, this is straight outa the can.
  9. E

    Pilot App w/ Zenmuse X3 - 4K Video Quality

    Hello All, I couldn't find a related post regarding this so hopefully this will find users experiencing the same issue I have with the Pilot app displaying Very Poor to No video quality when shooting in 4K resolution. I purchased my Inspire 1 back in March 2015 and have always had issues with...