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  1. K

    Which autonomous flight app is best for Matrice 100?

    I want to use our Matrices, one with X5 and the other with Flir VuePro, to make orthomosaic maps. To do so, I need to autonomously fly waypoint "lawnmower" patterns. I'm trying to figure out which of the autonomous flight programs out there would be EASIEST and BEST SUITED for this mission...
  2. R

    Autonomous flight with Inspire 1 Pro

    Hi guys, does anyone have an experience with autonomous flights for capturing photo for 3D models? Pix4d app doesn't seem to be working with Inspire 1 Pro. I'm looking for an app that could capture photos based on certain horizontal and vertical change of drone position. Any ideas? cheers Matej
  3. D

    Drone Volt Pilot app on the iStore for DJI Drones

    Hi, I'm Dan from Drone Volt, a European DJI Retailer and we've introduced an App at the Apple iTunes Store. It will help automate flight for DJI Drones. You can find it at: Edit : link removed by moderator Attached is the press release announcing the App! Edit: Attachment removed by moderator...
  4. FreeSkies Inc.

    FreeSkies CoPilot 14 day FREE TRIAL (Claim before Nov 8th!)

    Hello Phantom 3 owners! My team has built a autonomous cinematography app and we want to give you all a 14 day FREE TRIAL! Just enter your email in the trial signup before Nov 8th (Limit first 1000 signups): CoPilot 14 Day Free Trial Signup! Check out the absolute easiest way to fly your drone:
  5. egoldy

    Autoflight Logic Demo and How To Videos for Autopilot

    For those that are looking for walk through videos and demos of how to use the Autoflight Logic Autopilot software, please check out this playlist: Autopilot Tutorials - YouTube In addition to an overview video, there are walk through videos of the UI, how to use Focus and most recently the...