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battery charging

  1. S

    New Inspire 2, battery issue... any suggestions?

    Hey everyone, wish my joining of this forum was under better circumstances, but I come now needing some help. I purchased a DJI certified refurbished Inspire 2 and it was delivered today. I am trying to charge my batteries, the 2 the unit came with, plus 2 spares. 3 of the 4 charged no problem...
  2. Jason Woodcock

    UK Amazing New Solution for charging in the field

    Unsure if this is the right place please feel free to move. We have been trialing this for 2 weeks on various locations and have just placed our order. I have agreed with he UK distributor a 5% discount for anyone in the drone industry. the featured unit cost £1600 plus vat the prices and...
  3. TronesDrones

    DJI Inspire Batteries and Smart Powercharge $800 0b0

    I am selling a few of my old batteries and M100 Smart Power Charge charging system. I have 3 TB48 and 1 TB47 Batteries. All the batteries have less than 40 charges and have been discharged every 10 cycles of flight. The M100 charger/discharge was purchased in October last year and has had very...
  4. Force Aerial

    POWER - Battery Bank vs. Generator

    Has anyone found a battery bank that can charge multiple TB48 batteries? Here are a few that I have found and look like they can put out the necessary charging power but I do not know how to calculate how many times it can charge a TB48 battery. 1. Expert Power Omega 453 2. Suaoki...
  5. L

    Can't charge Inspire 1 Pro batteries anymore

    Hi All! I haven't used my Inspire 1 Pro for a several months, and now I suddenly can't charge my batteries??? The batteries still have about 20-30% power. I have tried with both my chargers, and different batteries, but they just doesn't start charging. Any ideas about what I should do? Many...
  6. A

    The ULTIMATE Inspire 2 battery charger

    Like many of you, I have struggled with charging Inspire 2 batteries in the field. With TWO batteries required for ONE flight, and the slow charge times from the OEM wall adapter + DJI charge hub it seemed the only option was to buy more batteries at $160 USD each ($320 USD per flight pack)...
  7. Dejan Smaic

    Inspire 2 - Vehicle Charging

    Hi all, I am seeking some advice as to what inverters people are using to charge their Inspire 2 batteries. I currently use a 750 Watt inverter, which works well for the PHP4 Pro and Inspire 1, but seems to crash when charging the I2 batteries. Thanks Dejan