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camera error

  1. Spheric

    Weird SD card (or X3?) malfunction

    I've been dealing with the weirdest problem during past week and half. I use two 64gb cards for my X3 - a SanDisk Ultra and an ADATA Premier. Both had worked file recording 4K video for the 3-4 weeks I have had them. That is until last week when first my X3 started sporadically stopping...
  2. thumpinhard

    inspire one has no camera signal and wont update.

    my inspire1 has set in a cold room for a couple of months and I took it to the ocean the other day and left it sitting for a few hours where it did get some salt spray on it. the camera was not attached and i wiped it off and attached the camera. not sure if salt salt water got inside,but now i...
  3. D

    Inspire camera error 01

    After recording video and landing, I changed a batterty and then got a "camera error". It cannot record, and it cannot toggle between video and photo. The gimble and video works, just cannot record. Everything has worked flawlessly until now. The inspire has had nothing but perfect landings...