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inspire one has no camera signal and wont update.

Aug 12, 2014
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GUerneville Ca.
my inspire1 has set in a cold room for a couple of months and I took it to the ocean the other day and left it sitting for a few hours where it did get some salt spray on it. the camera was not attached and i wiped it off and attached the camera. not sure if salt salt water got inside,but now i get no camera signal and i can not do a craft firmware update.the camera does not move upon start up so it seems there is no power to it. the motors start and all else seems fine. Camera and battery has been taken out a few times and I left it inside where it was warm and dry for a few days with still nothing. i took off the plate and reinserted the two connectors underneath with still no luck.
any ideas before I try to take it very much apart?
thanks all.
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Sounds like you are having the same problem as me, the craft wouldn't raise the legs on takeoff and now it won't go into travel mode. This was yesterday and Since then I have tried again but now the gimbal won't initialise on start up. The craft connects to the controller and I have relinked and that was successful but starting to wonder if the possible £700 repair bill will be my only option :(

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