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  1. S

    DJI SSD and CineLight

    Hi, I have a number of clips on the 512GB SSD that came with the Inspire 1a and X5R camera. The CineLight User Manual describes the process to delete a clip as right click on the clip which will reveal 2 options: Export and Delete. I don't see the Delete option only Export. It appears the...
  2. M

    Inspire 5R question about SSD and clients

    Hey guys and gals, I was planning on purchasing a new Inspire Pro with the Zenmuse x5R camera for a few upcoming projects. However, I was just wondering how is everybody handling getting the raw footage to clients after a shoot? My understanding is that you can only download the footage into...
  3. A

    X5R SSD error

    Hi guys I just flew two quick flights this morning. I formatted both the micro SD and the SSD before take off. Both went well, however when I landed and looked at the footage the second flight didn't capture anything. I had a bit of trouble getting the SSD to mount on my Mac and in Cinelight...
  4. A

    X5R Workflow 2016

    I recently picked up an X5R and have been very impressed with the results so far but trying to get the best from the RAW video files I am recording. Current workflow was to pull off the RAW DNG sequences via Cinelight and then import into Premiere Pro CC2015.3. I have tried both the Premiere...
  5. J

    Cinelight crashing on new computer

    Hi gang, We have a purchased a new computer that is having issues with Cinelight. Our previous is an iMac 4K retina and now we have added a brand new Tower totally loaded, purchased just to handle these DNG's. The IMac 4k opens the files no problem the new Mac Tower crashes every time we try to...
  6. R

    iMac Not Recognising X5R Reader in Cinelight

    Has anyone else noticed that with the latest version of cinelight their X5R reader is not showing up on their iMac. It still works fine on my laptop so I assume it is something to do with the software. Does anyone have a fix? Cinelight version 0.9.26 My advice if your iMac is working is do...
  7. J

    Inspire x5r issues transferring files from Cinelight to Premiere

    Hi All, We have all the bugs out of the new Inspire x5r with one exception. When we transfer the files from Cinelight to Premiere we are gaining a LUT or something of the sort. Instead of being flat as we see it in Cinelight under the D-log style it transfers with lot's of contrast and...