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iMac Not Recognising X5R Reader in Cinelight

Discussion in 'Zenmuse X5R' started by ryandeean, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. ryandeean

    Jun 6, 2016
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    Has anyone else noticed that with the latest version of cinelight their X5R reader is not showing up on their iMac.

    It still works fine on my laptop so I assume it is something to do with the software. Does anyone have a fix?

    Cinelight version 0.9.26

    My advice if your iMac is working is do not upgrade to this version of Cinelight.

    I just read this in their release notes for this version and followed it by getting a USB hub. It now works.

    This is very frustrating though, I feel sorry for anyone who hasn't seen this note and can't access their footage!


    Users of the X5R SSD Reader may encounter data access issues after updating OS X to the latest version (10.11.4). The issue can be resolved in the following ways:

    1. Use a compatible USB 3.0 HUB for OS X 10.11.4 to connect the OS X device and SSD Reader.

    2. Use a USB 2.0 cable to connect the OS X device and SSD Reader. Note that this method will reduce

      the data transfer speed.

    3. Install OS X 10.10.5, then install and run DJI CineLight.