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  1. Advexure

    X7 Support for Apple ProRes RAW + exFAT File System

    Today DJI has announced two new exciting updates for the X7 and Inspire 2. The first firmware update offers 14-bit CinemaDNG recording and will be available in late April 2018. A second firmware update offering Apple ProRes RAW support and the newly added exFAT file system will be available in...
  2. A

    SOLD! Inspire 2 Dual Operator Package w/ RAW & ProRES Lic's

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Soup to nuts. This includes everything needed to fly in single and dual operator mode -- right down to the ipad Pros! And it is all in NEW or LIKE NEW condition. Only used for one project that involved three locations... This is a full package complete with 2 lenses (15mm...
  3. T

    File sizes of the X7 Apple Pro Res and CinemaDNG recording

    Can anyone provide me with the actual file sizes that the X7 shoots in Apple Pro Res and CinemaDNG for a recording time of 20 mins? Is the CinemaDNG files bigger then a RED Epic 4k for the same amount of record time? I'm sure the info is out there, but I'm having trouble finding it... thanks...
  4. AerialMediaPros

    Zenmuse X7: New 6K Super 35mm Cinema Camera! PREORDER

    DJI just announced their new Zenmuse X7, pre-order it first. This camera is DJI's first 6K, Super 35mm camera that is built for the Inspire 2! There is a possibility the Zenmuse X7 may make an appearance at the Grand Opening event of DJI Store Orange County, Saturday October 21st. Update from...
  5. S

    Can't buy ProRes and CinemaDNG licenses

    Hi guys! I'm live in Ukraine and can't buy those two license because it's no Ukraine in the country list on DJI online store. Online store require my shipping address. So, it's really must be true address or may be fake? Is keys will received only by e-mail or phisically by the post-service...
  6. A

    Prores/CinemaDNG License in the event of crash/loss/theft

    I'm in the process of insurance shopping at the moment, and had a question: how are the Prores/CinemaDNG licenses handled in the event of a crash that destroys the I2 body or if the I2 body is lost, stolen or irretrievable (falls into a lake?). Can you transfer your license to a new replacement...
  7. NanoPixel

    Cinema DNG vs. Pro Res

    So I am new to the forum and I thought I would share a post I created on the DJI forum about Cinema DNG vs Apple Pro Res. I am a former Marine and I like to keep this simple and to the point. When I was doing research into buying the I2 I found out that I only needed Apple Pro Res. Depending on...
  8. NanoPixel

    Hello from Virginia & Las Vegas

    Hey, Just joined and thought I would introduce myself. I am currently living in the U.S. between Virginia and Las Vegas. The reason being my family and I are in a transition period moving from the east coast to the west coast. I have not found a job out in Vegas yet but I moved my family out...
  9. Neil sulish

    Adding Pro res and DNG to existing I2??

    Hello I have an x4s right now and would like to upgrade to the x5s. Can I also buy the license keys and then add them to my I2? Not sure how to go about doing this??? Any thoughts would be appreciated...
  10. E

    X5S CinemaDNG samples

    Can anyone share CinemaDNG sample frames from the X5S? The Inspire 2 CinemaDNG sample on DJI's site appears to be from the X5R camera and I can't find any X5S raw frames online. Thanks!
  11. MrTVR

    Apple ProRes v CinemaDNG v H265/264

    At £1000 for the CinemaDNG license and £550 for the Apple ProRes license (if purchased separately) what are the key difference between the two options and would CinemaDNG really be worth the extra? Would I really need both, or indeed either of the licenses? Whilst I would like to get the best...
  12. J

    X5R: Palouse Wheat Fields at Sunset/Low Light

    Hi Gang, Here is a quick low light clip from some work we shot over on the Palouse in Washington State. Really enjoying these DNG's. If you can, watch it in 4K. Cheers, J