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compass error

  1. nandoarr

    Compass went crazy

    Hello there guys. i'm having a bitter issue here. Drone okay, have been using the i2 for 5 years now and lately the compass can't be calibrate...always giving me the error. tried everything, even replacing the compass for new ones a few times... No firmware to update and the mesure of the...
  2. Noki_Bam

    Problems after long storage.

    Hi guys. The copter was kept in the closet for 1.5 years. Today I wanted to use my drone. Could not use drone. As soon as the drone takes off, a compass error immediately appears. Nothing helps to remove the error. What should I do?
  3. I

    Compass error

    Hey. Compass error began to appear more and more often. Now the compass error appears every time I fly. What to do? How to remove this error?Calibration does not help. An error appears anywhere in the flight (Forest, field, city, mountains)
  4. Kevin Cabral

    Compass error during flight

    Hey everyone, So I'm confused on why this is happening. It has happened twice over the weekend. Happened on Saturday and Sunday. I would calibrate the compass and take off. Once I'm 150m away, the compass error would appear. I then brought it back and calibrated the compass again. Took off...
  5. dev_willis

    Signal Issues

    Hi! I just got a new Inspire 1 v2 yesterday. I've flown it several times now and I keep getting errors about the compass, it says weak GPS signal a lot (even though conditions for GPS couldn't be better) and sometimes drops into Atti mode and out of it's flight program, and it will tell me that...
  6. R

    Inspire 1Pro switches to ATTI and crashes

    Scary moments yesterday afternoon: after flying in P-GPS mode with 19 satellites present, I suddenly saw a message: "Compass error, exiting P-GPS mode" after which it switched to ATTI mode by itself; the controller still being in P-mode. What followed is funnily enough not recorded bij the DJI...