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dji go app

  1. D

    Accessing Video/Camera Menu Options

    I had a problem with accessing the various menu options for the video and camera settings for my 2 day old I2 (X4S camera), while running the DJI Go 4 App. It was on an iPad Air 2 with the latest Go App version (4.0.2). Initially I was not able to access the options for the various menu groups...
  2. marsmock

    Shooting 18 holes of golf - Inspire 1

    So I have to shoot every hole of an 18 hole golf course Sat/Sun. Test flew today and I have to say it's trickier than I thought. Here is my question. Can you implement the way points AND point of interest at the same time? Meaning can I place my way points from tee box to green then place my...
  3. A

    DJI GO serious video lag

    Hi guys, I made the jump to update my AC and RC after my dji go app recently auto updated (I know, silly mistake, its now going to be switched to manual updates). Long story short after the initial dji go update to v3.0 i had TERRIBLE video lag which basically made the flight I had planned...
  4. D-J

    Tripod mode - today's challenge!

    Watching footage of the Mavic flying under Tripod mode, I was wondering if this can be setup on the Inspire and saved as a 'custom' configuration for relatively easy switching over too. The first part of the challenge is to limit the flight speed and the sensitivity of the input controls. Does...
  5. Mike Hulme

    UK Does the DJI App allow flight within R157

    I have been given authority to fly within the London Restricted area (R157 - Hyde Park area) by NATS and also submitted, at their request, the necessary NOTAM. My requirements were very specific re height, time, LAT / LONG etc. and naturally had to provide evidence of PfAW (or is it now PfCO...
  6. TXPilot

    Screen Glitch in DJI Go App

    When dual operating Inspire 1 Pro, my video feed on the camera operator's control keeps freezing up, turning green, and glitching. The pilot's video feed is normal, the malfunction is only on the camera operator's controller. This has happened with 3 different iPad minis and 3 different...
  7. GizaDog

    Map data not displaying when zoomed in (Update)

    Update 2: Did a iTunes Restore and that resolved all the issues. Use iTunes on your Mac or PC to restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to factory settings Use iTunes on your Mac or PC to restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to factory settings - Apple Support Update: I connected the Inspire to...
  8. A

    Warning! DJI GO App incompatible with Samsung Tab S2

    Yesterday I have purchased Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9,7 inch to replace my old iPad mini 2. Everything was fine until I tried to go to library and edit the videos. The app crashed everytime I trietd to edit any clip. I reinstalled the app, cleared video cache, tried to import clips from sd card...
  9. Magicman98445

    Question about App settings and stick response

    So I have all the latest firmware for my bird, remote and iOS app. When I am flying my I1 full throttle forward and I and push the left stick for max altitude, my Inspire doesn't respond to the ascend command immediately until I back off on the throttle. Is there a setting in the app that...
  10. B

    battery life solutions using the DJI GO app

    I currently fly with my iPhone 6 to use the app features, and a SmallHD monitor for monitoring video. The monitor is powered by its own battery. But I only get two flights before the iPhone 6 battery is done. The app is a battery hog, and it is the weak link in my entire equation. On a job I...