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dji go

  1. S

    iPad compatibality with DJI GO App.

    Hello fellow aviators. I have a DJI I1 RAW and I am looking to purchase a tablet for it in this holiday season. I wanted to know if iPad 10th Gen is compatible with the DJI Go app. Does it work well? Any know issues with the software on that hardware? Update: It has been a month and I have...
  2. B

    Inspire 1 x5 limp gimbal

    I recently purchased a inspire 1 with an x5 and x3. When powering on the ac the gimbal attempts to spin for a second then goes limp. There is also no live feed in the dji go app. I have attempted to download the firmware (Inspire 1 Pro Firmware installed on a freshly formatted micro...
  3. S

    Inspire 1 V2, 2nd controller unable to connect to DJI Go app

    Just bought an Inspire 1 v2 off of FB marketplace after wanting one for years, and being stuck on the phantom 1 FC40. So basically I have no idea with anything DJI as of late. I've been reading forums and tutorials for about 5 hours and am still unsure of how to fix this. I follow the typical...
  4. TransArctic

    DJI GO not connecting Inspire 1, when using a particular TB48 battery.

    When using one of my TB48 batteries, DJIGO app won’t connect with the Inspire 1. When this happens, I remove, inspect and put the gimbal back on - making sure it’s all very clean, etc., then restart the Inspire 1- but to no avail. However when I replace the battery (in question) with another...
  5. S

    Main Controlled Died!

    Hi all, I've a problem with my Inspire 1, configured with dual controller. The behaviour is this: - both (main and secondary) controllers work fine with the drone, primary can manage the fly and secondary the gimbal, bat both are not able to connect to DJI GO - when I connect the...
  6. G


    Hello Videos and forums seem to indicate that the DJI go flight records should also include the time as well as date. Unfortunately the time just isn't showing in my flight records for the inspire one pro. I feel i must be ignoring something incredibly stupid and obvious, but still I don't...
  7. BoxerJaxman

    Flight Record Size

    Hopefully a simple question, I couldn't find any other thread about this issue but happy to remove if this is answered elsewhere... My usual flight record .txt file size is under a couple of MB. Lately the .txt sizes are 20+ MB which are too big to sync or upload to Airdata (Healthydrones)...
  8. John

    Tilt of camera when using DJI Groundstation

    Didn't see a DJI GS App thread so thought I'd try here. Is there a way to configure camera tilt in DJI GS app so that for each revolution in a point-of-interest mission, the camera tilts down to -30 then -60?
  9. D

    Same DJI Go app for several drones

    At the moment I have only one DJI drone, but I wonder if it's possible to use two or more with the same application setup. I'm thinking of buying an Inspire 2 to use it as a serious filming tool. But since it is not cheap for playing around and the batteries won't last forever (even with two...
  10. Chris Gooderham

    Adding obstacles to DJI Go App map, so PiC can see any surveyed hazards, and manualy add them?

    I haven't tried to use a work around to achieve this task: I would like to be able to add points and/or lines and/or areas that our craft will automatically avoid, WITH the ability to include altitude limits, ie to avoid a flag pole, or street cable wires, ( I excluded power lines cause you...
  11. A

    Warning! DJI GO App incompatible with Samsung Tab S2

    Yesterday I have purchased Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9,7 inch to replace my old iPad mini 2. Everything was fine until I tried to go to library and edit the videos. The app crashed everytime I trietd to edit any clip. I reinstalled the app, cleared video cache, tried to import clips from sd card...
  12. A

    2015 Flight Log and New Movie Templates in DJI Go

    Compare total your flight distance and how you rank among DJI flyers all over the world. Got a summary for what you've done in the year of 2015, tried it yet? That makes a difference DJI Forum|Try new "2016,I will.." movie templates. Update DJI GO now!