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  1. Elevated Vision

    Dji Matrice 600PRO D-RTK* for SALE

    Hello all , Im selling a Matrice600 Pro D-RTK (missing the ground component) with many items (aprox 72). I have a pdf i attached with all items and purchased price along with links to the items for a visual… It’s in perfect condition, barely used a handful of times, it is comes with many...
  2. Slim Laney

    DJI Inspire 1, 2x TB47 Batteries for sale, UK based

    I am selling two TB47 Batteries. Details are as follows: - genuine DJI batteries - Used and in immaculate condition - Battery No.1 only 47 times charged. Battery No.2 only 31 times charged (see photos taken from DJI App for full data) The Batteries can be collected or I can send by courier at...
  3. E

    Inspire 1 landing gear issues

    Hi, I recently purchased a crashed inspire 1, when I got it I noticed that the whole frame was warped and it struggled with lifting / lowering the landing gear (it also won't stop when it hit the travel limit of the screw). I could rock it sideways with some of the feet being lifted up to about...
  4. Alex G

    Inspire 2 with Apple Pro Res, Dual Controllers and dual Cameras $5400**

    Selling our Inspire 2 with the apple pro res and cinema DNG with everything in the pictures with a couple of corrections. Old pics sorry. NO more SSD hard drive, but 6 total batteries and not 4 like shown. All else the same with 58 hours of flight time. Need to move on to to other types of drone...
  5. D

    Dji Inspire 2 Prores Kit For Sale

    For sale: Inspire 2 with Prores License + 1 controller + 1 crystalsky monitor 7.85 inch + 2 batteries + case + charger = 2700$ US ***SOLD*** DJI Zenmuse x5s + Dji 15mm lens = 1000$ US Dji Inspire 2 Controller + Crystalsky 7.85 inch monitor = 700$ US 2 inspire 2 batter (1set) = 200$ US...
  6. HoverLogix

    Inspire 1v2 and 1 Pro Combo

    Equipment in very good condition, ready to fly today. email for video of birds in flight. 2 - DJI Inspire 1's (1 - V2 & 1 V2 Pro) with cases 1 - Zenmuse X3 4K camera with filters 4 - Intelligent Flight Battery (4 Total Batteries) w/ Battery Warmer 1 - DJI Inspire Part Intelligent Battery...
  7. D

    Zenmuse X5R with lens for sale

    Camera: Dji Zenmuse X5R Price: 1700$USD Country: Canada Selling my DJI Zenmuse X5R with the 15mm Dji Lens. Comes with 512gb ssd card, Ssd reader and Zenmuse X5R original Case. Working perfectly. like new. I live in Canada you must Pay the shipping and the Paypal fee.
  8. D

    ***SOLD***For Sale: TB50 Batteries

    For sale are three USED TB50 batteries. There is no room for these in my Matrice case so I am getting rid of them. They are in great condition and have low cycle counts. TB50-09A ****SOLD**** Price: $105 USD + $5 USD shipping Cycles: 39 Production Date: 2017-2 TB50-09B ****SOLD**** Price...
  9. D

    For Sale: DJI Matrice TB47D Batteries

    For sale are two USED TB47D batteries for the Matrice 100. I previously sold my M100 and forgot these were stored separately. I do not know the cycle counts for either since I do not have the aircraft to check. TB47D #03 ****SOLD**** Price: $80 USD + $5 USD Shipping Condition: Good Notes: See...
  10. 5kdigitalfilm

    Filming Dancers with a long lens at 2500m for a Music Video

    Filming with a long lens can be very difficult especially in cold conditions at 2500m. This is only possible with dual operation and great piloting skills, thanks Max for putting up with me! Thanks to Ro Bergman for letting us use the footage.
  11. D

    SOLD - DJI Inspire 2 Quadcopter Drone - Aircraft, Transmitter, Batteries, Case

    For sale is a USED Inspire 2 Drone kit. I finally found a Matrice 200 series so I can let go of my I2 and M100. Price $1950 USD + $50 USD Fixed Shipping Location: Texas, USA Items included in the sale: - DJI inspire 2 Aircraft - DJI Inspire 2 Transmitter - x2 TB50 Batteries - Battery...
  12. dmvara

    SOLD DJI Zenmuse XT V2 640 30hz 19mm Brand New Unused! $2789 SOLD

    BLACK FRIDAY DEAL OF THE WEEK!! I bought this a few months back brand new from DSLRPros in April of this year. I paid a pretty penny for it and I was going to use it with an M600 Pro that I recently sold. It was just too much rig for me so this beauty was never put to use. It is DEAD MINT...
  13. lukeraffertyvisuals

    SOLD: Inspire 2 Controller for Sale (New)

    UPDATED Dec 1 Hello! I was able to sell all of my other Inspire 2 accessories; and just have this left. I’m based in Philadelphia and will ship the controller for free anywhere in the USA vi FedEx. Price in USD. DJI INSPIRE 2 Remote Controller — $375 Was only ever used for (1) flight ever...
  14. R

    Broken arm repair Inspire 1v2

    Can the outer carbon fiber tube be repaired? I can work with carbon fiber but all of the parts available for purchase are the entire leg. Does the entire leg need to be changed?
  15. S

    Sold - Inspire 2, ProRes & DNG 5k, X5s, 45mm, 17mm, TB50's

    $4,400 OBO DJI Inspire 2 with low hours and ProRes and DNG licenses. This is my backup drone and I need to make room for an Alta. Includes 4 sets of TB50's (8 batts), standard DJI quad charger, extra props, OEM controller, DJI X5s gimbal/camera, Olympus 45mm brand new lens and a DJI 17mm. All...
  16. S

    SOLD - DJI TB-50 Battery Station + batteries

    Latest model TB-50 battery charging station for sale. Less than a year old and only used in the field a handful of times. (No dirt, sand or muck in the box like others I've seen) Purchased brand new from DJI 10 months ago and works like a charm. Wheels are in great shape and all cords and...
  17. W

    Multiple Inspire 2 ESC errors

    Hey Team I bought an Inspire 2 used and it had carbon fiber folding props and despite doing my usual pre-flight checks, I somehow forgot to fully unfold the props before take-off. I started the engines and before the drone left the ground, one of the props got stuck and the vibration from...
  18. S

    Where can I find I1 batteries???

    Hi guys. Does anyone know where I can find some Inspire 1 batteries. Im in Australia, I've tried searching the web for I1 batteries and they are all out of stock on all online stores. I know that the I1 is no longer in production of DJI, but the fact that I can't even buy a battery for the...
  19. chriscrumley

    DJI Zenmuse X5R RAW Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal (Lens NOT Included) $1,400

    DJI Zenmuse X5R RAW Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal / Condition: Like New $1400 / Shipping to US Address only + 6% Virginia Sales Tax if VA Resident Comes in case, with box, user manual, USB 3.0 cable, gimbal, camera, body cap, X5R reader, and X5R 512GB SSD
  20. chriscrumley

    DJI Ronin-S $500

    This DJI Ronin-S is practically brand new, assembled and used once, as I bought it and never ended up using it/needing it. It comes already assembled with original box. Would prefer to sell locally for pick up, but shipping is available US address only + 6% Virginia Sales Tax if VA Resident