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  1. C

    DJI INSPIRE 2 Premium Combo with Extra Accessories

    My husband passed away 4 months after purchasing the Inspire 2 Premium Combo and I am only just now emotionally able to deal with his personal items. If you have questions regarding this I can answer you to the best of my ability. my husband was in the film business, I am not. The Inspire 2 has...
  2. M

    Inspire 2 FPV camera broken - DJI RMA assistance NIGHTMARE

    Hello everybody, I've been owning an Inspire 2 for some time now (almost from the launch), and recently I experienced a strange behaviour with the FPV camera. I need to premise that I already returned the X5S for a vibration on the yaw axis, a TB50 battery for unbalance at 1 month and 11 charges...
  3. S

    DJI Inspire 2 Drone Quadcopter, 4 Batteries Included, Pristine Condition

    DJI Inspire 2 quadcopter with 4 batteries (2 extra). Digi camo skin (can easily be removed if desired). Comes with original carrying case, remote controller, charging station, charging cable. Includes everything that came with the drone. I am the original owner. Drone was purchased in March of...
  4. zpdana24

    Inspire 1v2 w/ osmo + extras $950

    Two tb47's. One controller Charger Propellers X3 camera Carrying case Phone/tablet visor Landing pad Hardly used unfortunately due to heavy work load in the solar industry. Never crashed (check flight logs etc) I will provide pictures of all of that as requested. Batteries have maybe 25 charges...
  5. V

    Livestream Matrice 210

    What are some options to livestream from a Matrice? Unlike all the other dji products there’s no live-streaming option from the app.
  6. A

    X3 Camera Wanted to buy ASAP Australia

    Looking for a new or used X3 Camera to use on M600 with a sequoia. Just looking for something asap as need to start work immediately. Kind Regards Brayden 0447601602
  7. D

    X5S for DJI inspire 2 Wanted

    Wanting to see if anyone has a dji Zenmuse x5s camera for the I2 they would like to sell? If so let me know. Wanting to upgrade from the x4s.
  8. M

    How to control payload system through FUTABA RC; S1000 + 2 RC FUTABA T10J + 2 R3008SB

    Hi guys, I have DJI S1000 with two T10J Futaba transmitters and two Futaba R3008SB receivers, I would like to add payload drop system, something like that: Professional Payload Drop Release servo Fishing Drone Plane DJI Phantom MAVIC | eBay I’m new in RC world and I don’t know much about it...
  9. I

    Perfect condition I2 Turnkey dual operator setup, 8 Lipos, X4S & X5S, Olympus 45mm, GPC Case, 7” CS

    Selling due to lack of use. $6500 obo. Local pickup in Gainesville, FL or PayPal and ship on your dime. Complete RTF setup! Ready to work. 4 sets of lipos in great shape. Low hours. Comes with brand new, never used X5S and Olympus 45mm lens as well as a mint X4S. $600 GoProfessional case. I am...
  10. T

    Chasing Drift Cars with the Inspire 2 X7

    I had the chance to chase some drift cars with the Inspire 2. I hope y'all enjoy!
  11. zpdana24

    Inspire 1...DJI retirement?

    first off I love my inspire one. Had a Mavic pro first and then upgraded?downgraded? to the inspire one now I believe I will be upgrading?downgrading? to the Mavic Pro II upon release. The only drawback to me besides factors that have popped up within the past few months (new tech, update bugs...
  12. F

    DJI Matrice 200

    Aircraft sold. Thanks.
  13. F

    F/S: DJI Zenmuse X5S

    ***SOLD 22 May 2018***
  14. David Lerrick

    Hello from South Germany

    Hello everyone, Glad to become a part of the community and hope to get to know people from all over the place. Since early 2017 i fly an Inspire 2 for film production purposes and am all in all very happy with the system. Have a nice day and happy flying! Dave
  15. G

    ***REMOVE***For Sale: CrystalSky 7.85" Ultrahigh Brightness

    I have a brand new in box: CrystalSky - 7.85" Ultra High Brightness $1000/cdn shipped anywhere in Canada or Continental USA
  16. snipsey2


  17. Presman

    Video transmission problems... Help!!!

    My I1 is having video transmission isues... It's like cutting out
  18. Bigdz


  19. J

    6 x M200 TB55 Batteries - lightly used

    Have 6 (3 pairs) of lightly used TB55 Batteries - 6-7 charges max. In the UK. £290 each. Shipping £10 per pair. Thanks
  20. S

    SELLING: M600 W/ 3 Sets of Batteries and Lightbridge 2 Controller

    M600 W/ 3 Sets of Batteries and Lightbridge 2 Controller I am selling my M600 W/ 3 Sets of Batteries and Lightbridge 2 Controller. This is a ready to fly system that works great. The M600 is in outstanding shape and has never come close to a crash or hard landing. This drone has less than 2...