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    Inspire 2 stability issues

    Ive been having some stability issues when I fly my inspire 2. When I take off there is a lot of drifting that happens even in perfect conditions. It constantly struggles to connect to more that 5-6 satellites and drifts 4-5 feet up and down when im flying and its killing me. Almost every shot I...
  2. R

    Blew my 2nd high pay film job! Please chime in.

    Let me start by saying to our fine moderator that I know this has been posted before (once even by me), but as I am now considering legal action against DJI I hope you will allow me this moment. This is about the mysteriously and relatively new issue of x5s gimbal drift. Most of us in most...
  3. J

    Drift on our Inspire

    Hi gang, We have been having issues with drift when we fly at slow speeds. It cannot hold a straight line with drift up to 7 feet at times. At faster speeds there is no issue we can see. I was told to set the bird to ATTI fly it just a couple feet off the ground so the sensors lock on. I was...
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    Inspire 1 drifting issue and battery problem

    I have a couple of problems with my inspire 1. I have done a compass calibration and an IMU calibration, as well as an RC calibration. I noticed that when flying forward with the inspire it doesn't make a straight line. It seems to drift one way or another. Is this normal? Why would it do...
  5. S

    Low altitude drift

    On a recent shoot with Inspire1 and X5, I was troubled with significant drift at low altitude, at 3-10 feet above the ground. Forward stick movement resulted in the craft flying diagonally left 10 to 15 feet off course, and yawing right. After travelling about 20-30 feet, it would fly...