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dual controller

  1. T

    Inspire 2 + x5s + lenses/licenses/batteries/Cine SSD/hard case

    Greetings — I am selling my like new Inspire 2 package. I prefer to sell as a package. Please do not ask for individual pieces of the kit. Currently located in Denver, CO. I am willing to ship within the CONUS. Buyer pays for shipping/paypal fees. I can post photos in the next couple of...
  2. I

    Perfect condition I2 Turnkey dual operator setup, 8 Lipos, X4S & X5S, Olympus 45mm, GPC Case, 7” CS

    Selling due to lack of use. $6500 obo. Local pickup in Gainesville, FL or PayPal and ship on your dime. Complete RTF setup! Ready to work. 4 sets of lipos in great shape. Low hours. Comes with brand new, never used X5S and Olympus 45mm lens as well as a mint X4S. $600 GoProfessional case. I am...
  3. B

    **** SOLD *****DJI Inspire 1 Raw Complete Set | Multiple Lenses

    Location: Colorado, USA (Shipping within US ONLY) Price: $4,049 (PRICE REDUCED) OBO + Shipping FULL IMAGES IN HIGH RES HERE Are you looking to get into the commercial drone or photography industry? This is a full setup (retail price > $9,000) to get your business rolling immediately at a great...
  4. B

    Inspire 1 Pro v2 T601 with x3 camera - For Sale

    Inspire 1 Pro v2 model T601 with x3 camera Does not come with x5 camera. Dual Controllers with HDMI out on both. 3 Batteries - 1 TB48 w 18 charges 2 TB47s w 20 and 13 charges 100watt PS DJI multi charger Triple Charger - 3 bats simultaneously 2 sets of props Misc cables and parts Aerial Media...
  5. A

    For Sale: DJI Inspire 1 (T600) Quadcopter

    For Sale (UK based Seller) DJI Inspire 1 (T600) Quadcopter with DJI X3 (FC350) mounted on a ZENMUSE X3 Gimbal (Dual Controller option with case) Additional Inspire 1 - TB47 Battery (4500mAh) 2 x Additional Inspire 1 - TB48 Battery (5700mAh) Inspire 1 - Battery Heater Additional Inspire 1 -...
  6. gogowanda

    Inspire X5 dual remote like new $2500 free shipping within USA

    Hi all, Selling my like new Inspire X5 package with dual remote. Flew it once and used it for our R&D on the InsPak and tradeshows mainly. It comes with Inspire X5 Two controllers One battery 4 Props OEM Case (you can add $200 for an awesome new InsPak X5 backpack) Charger, Camera Box I...
  7. I

    Inspire One- can I slave my Phantom 4 controller to it?

    Editor if this has been asked already, I apologize. I looked and searched the forum and could not find it. I have an Inspire One. It was painted black. It worked great. An Indiana tree jumped out of the ground and Caught my Inspire in mid air. Indiana trees can jump-who knew. Tree trimming...
  8. Larr2000

    New Follow Me Mode Goes Erratic

    12262015 Update: Ok, Dji posted the update (2015.12.22) which only has battery thermal updates, nothing new on FOLLOW ME function. So, I did another flight test to prove it. FOLLOW ME still performs erratically when in dual controller mode!! It will perform with a single controller...