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dual operator

  1. JaySmith1112

    Burning Man 2018 - Man Burn - Inspire 1 X5 (T600!!)

    Hey there folks! I was one of the 20 approved drone pilots for this year's Burning Man event held out in Black Rock City, Nevada. There are about 80,000 people that attend this week long event in the desert. This video is just of the Man Burn Saturday night. We are in the process of completing...
  2. A

    SOLD! Inspire 2 Dual Operator Package w/ RAW & ProRES Lic's

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Soup to nuts. This includes everything needed to fly in single and dual operator mode -- right down to the ipad Pros! And it is all in NEW or LIKE NEW condition. Only used for one project that involved three locations... This is a full package complete with 2 lenses (15mm...
  3. J

    Inspire 1 - Litchi for Waypoints + DJI Slave Controller for Camera?

    Hiya group! I've been using Litchi with my P4 for a while, and found it to be invaluable for pre-planning waypoint missions prior to shooting. I've recently upgraded to an Inspire 1 RAW, which is currently blowing my mind - but I'm trying to figure out if it is possible for the master...
  4. F

    Inspire 1 dual oper and a single oper

    I am selling my Inspire 1 dual controller model. It has every thing It is 1 year old and has less than 5 hours on it. Got it when I crashed my first inspire and sent it to DJI who replaced it instead of fixing it. Repair cost was too high. Second is my single operator inspire one. It too has...
  5. SaintMarkus

    Dual pilot problems, what antenas to boost.

    Hello! I have Inspire 1 Pro and dual rc controllers, but there is a huge problem. Slave controller with iPad Mini 3, loses camera feed about 400-500m away. While master gets feed but picture is starting to lag a little bit. We tried with different devices. I'v read that slave rc talks to...
  6. JaySmith1112

    Zappos Holiday Party with Playaworks - Las Vegas, NV

    The team at Playaworks made this year's 'End of the World' Zappos holiday party in Las Vegas a spectacular one. A flaming art structure, art cars from Burning Man, and yes, even a Thunderdome. Zappos definitely knows how to treat it's employees! This video was captured with dual operator setup...