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  1. Sproesser

    SAMPLE images and videos

    I'm close to deciding to but an Inspire 2 and X7 camera, I just need to see some RAW photo files first. Lets use this thread for sharing sample RAW photos and video files shot with the new X7 camera system! Can anyone show me a RAW photo file or 2 so I can make sure I will be happy with the...
  2. rdweaver

    Continuous File Index Mode

    Here's My Problem: On the SD card, there is a folder named '100Media'. Inside that folder are the clips, ex: 'DJI_0001, DJI_0002, DJI_0003, etc' The problem is, when that folder gets up to clip name 'DJI_0999' It then creates a new folder named '101Media' and starts over with naming the clips...
  3. J

    Crashed Copter - Urgent help required

    Hi all, I recently had a crash with my copter and am seeking urgent help. It went down via a falling branch in the rain forest and resulted in the gimbal snapping clean off right at end of what was probably my best shot of the project and also the last of the day. Attached are photos off the...