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  1. I

    Inspire 1 Pro X5R Past Firmware Files (Rollback from v1.11)

    Ever since updating my Inspire 1 Raw firmware this summer, I've been experiencing lots of live video feed issues with my Inspire 1 Pro X5R. According to the youtube tests below, Firmware v1.8 & v1.9 provide the most stable video feed and best range. My Inspire 1 Pro currently has version v1.11...
  2. rdweaver

    Continuous File Index Mode

    Here's My Problem: On the SD card, there is a folder named '100Media'. Inside that folder are the clips, ex: 'DJI_0001, DJI_0002, DJI_0003, etc' The problem is, when that folder gets up to clip name 'DJI_0999' It then creates a new folder named '101Media' and starts over with naming the clips...
  3. ViewpointUAV

    Dumb question? Which ones are the HDR files on Inspire1?

    Hi all, been flying my I1 for nearly a year now, mostly shooting video. Have recently dipped my toe into HDR images and after shooting various shots in AEB and HDR along with single shots, I cannot seem to work out which ones are which? Have done a cmd + I (on mac), no real way of telling...