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firmware upgrade

  1. A

    Drone drastically dipping when flying forward 2-3 meters off the ground

    I had a last minute job today doing a following shot behind a car, I upgraded to the new firmware update two days ago and shot on my own to test it with no problems also unknowing I would have this shoot today. During my the shoot today I would set the camera height and follow the car (only 1/4...
  2. I

    Inspire 1 Pro X5R Past Firmware Files (Rollback from v1.11)

    Ever since updating my Inspire 1 Raw firmware this summer, I've been experiencing lots of live video feed issues with my Inspire 1 Pro X5R. According to the youtube tests below, Firmware v1.8 & v1.9 provide the most stable video feed and best range. My Inspire 1 Pro currently has version v1.11...
  3. marsmock

    Controller FM downgrade Problem

    Sorry I know this has been covered. I just fired up air 2 and controller to downgrade firmware from 1.7.40 to 1.6.0 because we lost joystick control on slave RC. I was on the phone and started the downgrade without turning on I1 or master controller. Now it's been beeping for well over 30 min...
  4. Larr2000

    New Follow Me Mode Goes Erratic

    12262015 Update: Ok, Dji posted the update (2015.12.22) which only has battery thermal updates, nothing new on FOLLOW ME function. So, I did another flight test to prove it. FOLLOW ME still performs erratically when in dual controller mode!! It will perform with a single controller...