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  1. W

    FS: Inspire 2 Aircraft - 2 Remotes

    Hi, I'm looking to sell my backup Inspire 2 aircraft. I will include 2 factory remotes, 2 sets of props (1 set never opened), and the factory case it came in. No camera. No batteries. No charger. This aircraft is pristine. Purchased new from Drone Nerds in Florida at the beginning of 2019. It...
  2. P

    Calling Florida Inspire Pilots

    I recently just bought and inspire one for $450 the only thing wrong with it is a frozen worm gear/center unit supposedly. I'm looking to meet up with someone when I receive the unit as it doesn't come with any accessories to test it and see if there are any other problems. Let me know if anyone...
  3. Terry Power

    Tampa Bay, Florida

    Good morning all.....after a few months working with a Phantom 4 I pulled the trigger on a Inspire Pro Black edition. Very excited about the camera. I know I burned some extra cash on the black, but the "wow factor" that customers get is almost worth it. :p I'm Part 107 certified (long time...
  4. R

    Where to fly in Florida while on vacation?

    Hello everyone, I will be traveling to FL in the next few weeks, and I was wondering if anyone has any advice or recommendations for flying my Inspire 1 Pro down there. I will primarily be staying in Orlando, but I will be going down to Miami, Key West, St Petersburg, Clearwater, and Tampa. I...
  5. S

    Aerial Views of Anna Maria Island, Florida

    Went on vacation recently to Anna Maria Island, Florida and recorded the view with my original Inspire 1 on 3 different days. Some color grading done with Premier Pro. Definitely my favorite video yet! Enjoy and thanks for watching!
  6. E

    Best Place to fly on the Emerald Coast? (Destin, FL)

    HI guys any ideas on the best place to fly in Destin, FL and the surrounding areas?
  7. benbecker

    Drone Store - Events in South Florida

    Hi guys, I would like to know if there is any events sponsored and also make a listing of drone stores and repair centers in South Florida as I just moved from France and I am not familiar with the area. Here is what I found for physical store: DSLRPros in Oakland Park (not sure if they...
  8. benbecker

    French in Florida

    Hi guys ! I am Ben, I have got the inspire 1 and now I will try to be part of your community. I moved to the US about 6 month ago and I enjoy it so far ! Since I travel a lot, I experience new flying conditions and enjoy new landscapes really often. Here is one of my favorite shot from the...