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  1. P

    Inspire 1 FPV addon

    I've read a few forums and have seen the idea of adding a front nose camera on the inspire 1. I want to do this and need to know what frequencies are best. My understanding is that I need a camera, a video transmitter and video receiver all running on the same frequency together. so far I'm...
  2. Koptervision


    Anybody else try this? CloudlightFPV My experience with iPhone 6 on the slave controller: 1. It was supposed to come with head-tracking for the gimbal. Website now says "Head-tracking will be available later this year" (notice the positive spin). 2. The app froze several times and I had to...
  3. D

    Inspire Monitor/Tablet options

    Hi All! Firstly, Thank youin advance because im sure this has been asked before but i've been searching for hours to no avail. I just bought an inspire and im a little stuck where to go from here in regards to the FPV. For the most part, It will be just me flying/filming I have a Samsung...
  4. D

    Zeiss Cinemisers vs. Headplay?

    I am going to take the fpv leap...for those of you who have use/have both - any thoughts? I know there is a large difference in cost. What are the other pros/cons?