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  1. R

    Shooting Inside A Stadium

    Hi all, after some technical help, as we approached a soccer stadium for a request to film (obviously when stadium empty) which was granted, but the amount of RF interference was unbelievable. We went to just look and had the Inspire with us so thought we would take some test footage, but the...
  2. Scotflieger

    UK Stadiums added to GEO Beta Map

    Although it has gone very quiet on the GEO fencing public beta front, a cursory check of the latest mapping shows that UK Stadiums have been added. This is strange as none appear on any CAA lists or maps.

    Geofencing to prevent flyways?

    Just curious if there are any really smart folks out there who might have come up with a way to program in a geofence to prevent flyaways. In other words, you could create a "bubble" around your immediate flight area that has both altitude and distance restrictions. If the platform takes off on...