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go professional

  1. L

    FOR SALE Inspire 1 Kit w/ FPV

    LOS ANGELES, CA Selling an Inspire 1 Kit w/ Zenmuse X3 camera, 2 remotes, 5 batteries, custom FPV camera setup and custom hard Go Professional Case The aircraft has had no crashes. Everything functions like new and is in great condition. Earlier this year I upgraded to an Inspire 2 and my...
  2. lake_flyer

    USA I will probably not be investing in a Matrice600 if I have to keep using GO in its current form.

    Deleted. It would have been better to start a topic in the Matrice600 section, which I will.
  3. S

    Price Reduced! Parting Out Inspire 1 Pro X5 Production Kit

    Parting Out Inspire 1 Pro X 5 Kit - All equipment is LIKE NEW or Brand New! Inspire 1 Pro X5 with Remote, 1 battery, OG packaging - $3800.00 Extra Controllers - 1 @ $450 (used) 1 @ $550.00 (brand new) 6 tb47s $90 each 2 tb48s - $150 each 2 Ipad Mini 16gb Wi-Fi - $250.00 each Go Professional...
  4. S

    Inspire 1 Pro / X5 Full Heavy Hitting Production Kit!

    I have an absolutely prime condition Inspire 1 Pro / X5 Full Tilt Production Kit for sale. Craft, Camera, Filters, 3 - 64 gb cards, 3 Controllers (one never used) 10 batteries, 2 iPad Mini's, Smart Power Charger System + Four 180w chargers (can charge 8 batteries, 2 controllers and 2 tablets in...
  5. C

    Go Professional Inspire 1 Travel Case

    I have a used DJI Inspire 1 Go Professional case for sale. It fits the Inspire 1 snuggly in travel mode along with two controllers and 6 batteries as well as space for several extras. This model is meant for the Zenmuse X3 camera system. I am asking $200 plus shipping. I have traveled with it a...