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image transmission signal loss

  1. Tim Hudson

    No Image Transmission signal ? Help

    The image was very slow to none existent with lots of black screen. Eventually I changed the gimbal rings connection panel and cables. That was after trying everything else suggested including switching the RC. Took it out for a test, the image was breaking up and slow them the No image...
  2. R

    Seeking opinions on firmware versions

    Hi Guys, I'm making a seriously modified Inspire 1 for risky work, basically the jobs that don't merit risking an Inspire 2, over water, rough terrain etc. One reason I'm doing this also is because I was on job last week and every second flight I got hit with distance limits - this whilst...
  3. S

    If You are having Image Transmission Signal Issues READ THIS!

    Just got off the phone with DJI Support as we have been experience Image Transmission Signal issues since the last update with our Inspire 1 PRO. Since the most recent firmware upgrade we couldn't get any Image Transmission Signal at all! Very concerning. The guy was extremely helpful and said...