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  1. E

    Inspire 1 landing gear issues

    Hi, I recently purchased a crashed inspire 1, when I got it I noticed that the whole frame was warped and it struggled with lifting / lowering the landing gear (it also won't stop when it hit the travel limit of the screw). I could rock it sideways with some of the feet being lifted up to about...
  2. Brett8883

    Looks like DJI has TB 48 batteries in stock

    I got a tip on another forum that DJI had new stocks of batteries for older models that previously weren’t available so I checked it out and seemingly they do have TB 48 batteries in stock. For US customers at least. I no longer have my I1 so I haven’t actually bought any but I know TB 48...
  3. P

    Is it worth buying Inspire 1 Pro in 2022?

    Hello. I've been using DJI Spark for a long time. But Dji Spark becomes difficult to control in windy weather. That's why I'm looking for a new drone. I couldn't decide between the second-hand Dji Phantom 4 Pro and the second-hand dual-control Zenmuse x5 Inspire 1 Pro. Prices are similar. Which...
  4. O

    Inspire 1 Authorisation Zone Problem

    Hi, Our Inspire 1 doesn't seem to like unlocking in an authorisation zone? Self unlocking had stopped working and giving us an "Unlock failed message". We have spoken to DJI and they have just issued us with unlocks from their end which seem to have not really helped the problem. Here is a...
  5. Jason Woodcock

    UK Amazing New Solution for charging in the field

    Unsure if this is the right place please feel free to move. We have been trialing this for 2 weeks on various locations and have just placed our order. I have agreed with he UK distributor a 5% discount for anyone in the drone industry. the featured unit cost £1600 plus vat the prices and...
  6. D

    Inspire 1 VS Phantom 4/ 4 Pro

    Hello everyone. I am looking to buy my first drone. I do have experience flying drones a little bit and I am stuck on what I should buy. I have narrowed it down to the Inspire 1 vs the Phantom 4 Vs Phantom 4 Pro. Im getting more and more into film, making videos and the cinemagraphic shots...
  7. S

    DJI SSD and CineLight

    Hi, I have a number of clips on the 512GB SSD that came with the Inspire 1a and X5R camera. The CineLight User Manual describes the process to delete a clip as right click on the clip which will reveal 2 options: Export and Delete. I don't see the Delete option only Export. It appears the...
  8. R

    GL658A Remote for Sale

    Hello All, For sale is a GL658A remote $200 USD The remote is not in a box, and shows some cosmetic wear I think from being moved around without being in a box. There are no signs of damage or being dropped. I do not own an Inspire Drone so I cannot fully test. I am willing to ship or meet...
  9. I

    Washed out video using Zemuse X5 and 14-42mm lens

    I have just upgraded my Inspire 1 with a Zenmuse X5 and an Olympus 14-42mm lens. The still photos are fine but the MP4 video is washed out of colour and lack of contrast. What settings should I be using to improve the output?
  10. Neil sulish

    x3 not able to record after 30 seconds

    Hello after taking a photo or recording video the x3 ceases and does not allow recording or photos to be taken.... It works on the osmo just not the bird any and all help is appreciated...
  11. C

    convert X3 camera to NDVI

    Hello fellow Inspire fans, I am going to convert my X3 to NDVI specs. I read all the pros and cons, it's not perfect I know. Some offer NIR+red lenses, others offer NIR+blue. I guess they'll both work. But what I can't understand is the following: If I replace the original lens with a lens...
  12. M

    DJI For sale Inspire 1 v2.0 (Version 2) - Bought 27 Sep 2016, full UK warranty.

    Ebay link with 12 pictures: DJI Inspire 1 v2.0 (Version 2) Drone - Bought 27 Sep 2016, full warranty. | eBay I bought this drone less than 2 months ago on the 27th of September 2016 from Heliguy in the UK (official DJI re-seller). Warranty is in full effect and 100% transferable to the new...
  13. O

    Inspire to pull a line

    Hello all, Has anyone used the Inspire to pull a line? I've seen some pictures but never anything more than that. The stork setup looks like it would work just fine, so that's what I was leaning towards. I would be looking for a platform that could carry a rope 500+ feet across divides like...
  14. K

    Slave RC issues

    I have a slave controller that I tried to update the firmware on. The update failed and now On power up, the led turns red, beeps twice, then turns purple and does nothing. Can anyone help me please?
  15. S

    Inspire 1 w/ 2 Controllers; 2 TB48 batts; Xtras; Gently Used San Diego, CA

    SOLD :) Excellent flying & shooting little used Inspire 1 w/ 2 Controllers; 2 TB48 batts, all original equipment; I Pad mini; locking props, 4K, 2- 64K cards, other xtras. Will deliver and demo/teach in San Diego area $1,700. email [email protected] or phone 561-239-4211.
  16. DoubleHorn

    32 Channel Mod: Still Possible?

    Assuming all the latest firmware and app versions (iOS), is it still possible to open up the other 24 channels? I'm in the US and have region set to US in the iPad/iPhone settings but I still only see 8 channels when attempting the mod. Any ideas?
  17. C

    Inspire 1Kit for Sale

    I've decide to sell not only the hull but the complete Inspire 1 package- as mentioned( I think) before this one was meant to be a back up. It- the AC and the rest of the equipment( RC, Props, Charger, Cables gimbal/camera and case are in perfect shape- the #47 battery has been used. Asking...
  18. DJI Inspire 1/ AllSteady 6 Gimbal & 2015 Audi S3 - YouTube

    DJI Inspire 1/ AllSteady 6 Gimbal & 2015 Audi S3 - YouTube

    I've owned my DJI Inspire 1 for about a month now, and have to say I am not disappointed! The DJI Inspire 1 has exceeded my expectations! Haven't had any iss...