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inspaire 1

  1. B

    Inspire 1 for sale

    Inspire 1 V1 for sale. Mintnew condition. no use. 2 controllers, 2 TB48 batteries, $ 1.200
  2. N

    DJI Inspire for sale

    DJI Inspire 1 For Sale The drone will be shipped from Chattanooga TN. $1000 OBO. LocksDual RemotesUser ManualDamage on the camerCameraBattery and remote chargerCarbon Fiber propeller blades Whole setup in the carry caseCarry case The drone has been used, Following are the accessories sold...
  3. S

    Main Controlled Died!

    Hi all, I've a problem with my Inspire 1, configured with dual controller. The behaviour is this: - both (main and secondary) controllers work fine with the drone, primary can manage the fly and secondary the gimbal, bat both are not able to connect to DJI GO - when I connect the...
  4. S

    Inspire 1's for sale plus extras

    Updated as one of the inspires sold so there is only one left and lots of extras! ________________________________________________________________________ Everything is in great condition and explained below. Costs are listed for each item or for everything together. If you contacted me...
  5. HorizonsAerial

    Camera/Video Feed Shake

    Hello, I have noticed recently that the video feed and believe to be the camera shakes which also shows in video recording which first got my attention. I had to replace the front shock absorber balls, and the first two flights with them had no shake but after that the shaking start. I know it...
  6. rdweaver

    Aerial Shots of Fendt Tractor mowing

    Shot this of a Fendt 722 tractor with a Potttinger mower Shot with my DJI Inspire 1 and X3 camera and my Osmo. I would appreciate constructive feedback!
  7. B

    I'm selling my Zenmuse X3 with all accessories 375.00

    Hello all. I'm selling my zenmuse X3 with gimble. It's in perfect condition and has all its accessories plus its case. haven't used it much and decided to get an X5.
  8. J

    Inspire 1and Samsung tab s2 issue

    please help before I throw this tab off cliff. Latest app update is 2.8.3 I keep losing contact with remote and tab. After I update tab and use my DJI go app I can set home location and start flying but about 30 sec I lose contact with tab and the red bar says "no contact" I can land the bird ok...