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inspire 1 batteries

  1. Z

    Inspire 1 v.2 pro

    Eladó egy komplett bontott Inspire gép. távirányító, töltő és 1 db 180w-os gyorstöltő. 2 db tb47 elem nagyon jó állapotban. nincs feszültségkülönbség az akkumulátorcellák között. A kínált termék Magyarországon kapható.
  2. BradM05

    Inspire 1 v2.0, critically low battery warning and motor overload simultaneously

    Multiple times while I was flying my DJI Inspire 1 v2.0 it simultaneously gave a critically low battery warning and a motor overload warning even though the battery was at 40%. I don’t think it was the battery as I flew it several times and it flew fine half of the times and the cells were...
  3. M

    Zenmuse Thermal XT Camera FOR SALE. SOLD INSPIRE 1 PRO V2.

    Hello All! For your consideration: Zenmuse XT Thermal Camera. $2,900.00 obo USD + Shipping -13mm. 30Hz. 640 x 512. NOT Radiometric. -Works with Inspire 1 V2 Pro platform. -All equipment was purchased from members on this forum. Professionally maintained and used. I am the second owner. I...
  4. Four K Videos

    SOLD: Lightly used DJI Inspire 1v2 PRO drone & 6 TB48 batteries - $1,595 - Rhode Island, USA

    Hey everyone, thanks for looking at my Inspire 1 PRO! I've upgraded to the I2 X5S, so it's time to pass it off to a new owner. This was my second Inspire 1 PRO that I had as a backup. I rarely flew it unless I had jobs where we needed several drones in the air at a time. It has never been...
  5. Force Aerial

    I1 BATTERIES - 3 TB47 & 3 TB48 | 1 Charging Hub | 2 Charging Cords | 1 Battery Warmer

    $850USD for all 6 batteries and accessories Buyer covers shipping cost Shipping from Richmond, Virginia USA 3 TB47 & 3 TB48 1 Charging Hub 2 Charging Cords 1 Battery Warmer TB47s TB48s
  6. M

    Inspire 1 tb48 battery

    Like new, rarely used batteries in white. Have 2 available, left over from when I had my Inspire 1 v.2.0 I sold my Inspire 1 about 2 month ago, and batteries were fully charged at that time. Removed 2 batteries from the sale to accommodate a price reduction in my sale. I don't have the # of...
  7. M

    Warm batteries from the case WEIRD!

    I went to check on my batteries as I haven't been able to fly for a couple of weeks, though I did charge them last week thinking I was going to fly. Funny thing is that my #1 and 2 TB48s were warm to the touch almost as f they had been flying not quite that hot though, yet #3 and 4 stored on the...
  8. Ralph thompson

    Maintaining aging Inspire 1

    I have scanned the forum & not found a satisfactory conclusion on battery life. I have a 2015 I1P v1 & 2017 I1P v2, 10 batteries including the 3 yr old originals with between 80 & 100 cycles. The Battery Life is registering close to 80% on some. I deep cycle all batteries after 15 to 20 cycles...
  9. G

    Inspire 1 Pro X5 + Extras for Sale

    We've moved into the mapping world and don't have much use for our X5 kit anymore so we're trying to get rid of it. Brand new they're going for 3,399$ with only one transmitter. Here's what's included in the kit. PM me if you're interested - Inspire One Pro with upgraded aluminum prop mounts...
  10. Perspectrum

    Like New Inspire 1 for Sale

    Dji Inspire 1 for Sale. Aircraft and Remote are in new condition. The Battery in the Remote was just replaced by Dji because it was never used and the battery died. Price is $1100 Comes with Aircraft, Camera, Case, One battery, and Remote. Camera was only used a few times. I am selling it...
  11. 5280aerials

    Inspire 1 upgraded with Zenmuse X5 camera, case, more

    Upgraded Inspire 1. New motors. Zenmuse x5 camera and gimbal with 15mm lens. 3 TB-48 batteries, 1 TB-47 battery Transmitter, remote station 2 prop sets Charger Excellent GPC travel case Less than eight hours flight time on this machine, most before upgrade. All work done by the great folks at...
  12. P

    DJI Inspire 1 WANTED Remote and Batteries

    I just bought a inspire 1 used online, and it comes as bare as it can haha. Im looking for any tb series batteries and a remote. I have a extra pro 3 remote if anyone is willing to do a little bit of haggling.