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inspire 1 camera

  1. Four K Videos

    DJI Inspire 1v2 PRO drone & 6 TB48 batteries - $1,995 - Rhode Island, USA

    This Inspire 1 v 2.0 PRO is clean, never crashed, and ready to fly. It includes the X5 camera mount and FPV powered antenna booster. It includes the X3 camera because I'm keeping the X5 for my OsmoPRO. Thanks for looking! 1- DJI Inspire 1 PRO 1- new propellers 1- 4 battery charging hub 1-...
  2. Paul Jacques

    UK Zenmuse Z3

    just thought I would alert anyone who was looking for a Z3 that Wex Photo Video are currently selling them for £699 - cheaper than most UK sellers.
  3. J

    Inspire 1 or 2 for photography?

    Hello: I am a pro photographer exploring aerial photography. In the previous months I broke two Hubsan X4 getting used to the controls. Now I am flying confidently a P3P and it is time for the real imaging experience. There is a lot of information and samples to compare I1 vs. I2 for video...
  4. Perspectrum

    Like New Inspire 1 for Sale

    Dji Inspire 1 for Sale. Aircraft and Remote are in new condition. The Battery in the Remote was just replaced by Dji because it was never used and the battery died. Price is $1100 Comes with Aircraft, Camera, Case, One battery, and Remote. Camera was only used a few times. I am selling it...
  5. Z

    For Sale: X3 Gimble and Camera (broken ribbon cable)

    I was disassembling my camera to paint the housing and tore one of the ribbon cables inside. Didn't have time to hunt for parts to repair on my own so I bought a new one. Hoping to sell this one. The gimble is still in excellent condition as well as the camera besides the ribbon cable. It's...
  6. LuRoyale

    **CHEAP DJI X3 Camera $450 OBO

    We just replaced both of our inspires with X5 camera so thought I would offer these to you guys before we listed them on eBay. Use as an Inspire 1 or OSMO Replacement camera :) IMG_4993 by LuRoyale posted Mar 31, 2016 at 9:17 PM