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inspire 2

  1. Mud Pit

    Mud Pit

    Recorded at the Michigan Mud Jam in August of 2019 using DJI Inspire 2, Matrice 210, and a few Mavic Pros.
  2. TrcDjProductions

    DJI Inspire 2 Drone USD $ 2,499.00

    DJI Inspire 2 Drone USD $2499.00 by DJI WITH DJI LENS / GIMBAL NOT INCLUDED / AIRCRAFT LOCATED IN TEXAS Package Includes: DJI Inspire 2 Quadcopter Leopro Backpack Hard Carrying Case Remote Control (Transmitter) 4x Propeller Pairs 4x DJI Intelligent Flight Battery A/C Battery Charger D/C...
  3. 5kdigitalfilm

    Full Moon over the Alps

    It was hard work getting up to take off.
  4. L


    My I2 fell out of the sky with 70% battery life. I have uploaded a video with the flight log and camera footage. Looking to this community to help understand what happened
  5. S

    Calibration Plate

    Hi there I lost a calibration plate, does anyone have a spare or know where to find them? I happy to pay for the plate and postage.
  6. W

    FS: Inspire 2 Aircraft - 2 Remotes

    Hi, I'm looking to sell my backup Inspire 2 aircraft. I will include 2 factory remotes, 2 sets of props (1 set never opened), and the factory case it came in. No camera. No batteries. No charger. This aircraft is pristine. Purchased new from Drone Nerds in Florida at the beginning of 2019. It...
  7. Mirame Volar Sin Alas

    Inspire 2 with Raw & ProRes License for sale 3500 USD

    Inspire 2 with Raw & ProRes License for sale ProRes License Raw License Remote Control 2 x Propeller Pairs - New 2 x Intelligent Flight Battery – charges on batteries Battery Charger Charging Hub Power Cable USB Cable Vision System Calibration Plate Carrying Case The drone never had any...
  8. D

    Inspire 2 recognised as Inspire 1 first time in litchi

    Hello! hope some have insight in this. Inspire 2 recognised as Inspire 1 when I start litchi. there is no options for the CINESSD disk but it records with the settings I use in DJ go 4. 3 Questions. Is there no settings for the CINESSD options?. Is it normal that it recognised insp 2 as inspire...
  9. C

    Need some tips for buying a used Inspire 2

    Hey folks, brand new here. Needing some help as I'm looking a purchasing a used Inspire 2 setup. I found a really nice looking setup on DroneTrader.com | Buy and Sell Used, Salvage, and Refurbished Drones but just wondering what kind of questions I should be asking (other than the obvious ones...
  10. Clay Dooley

    Inspire 2 - Left Arm- Brand New

    Bought a left arm to replace on my I2 but ended up just having DJI repair it. $120 USD Never attempted to install it. Located in San Luis Obispo, Ca
  11. Clay Dooley

    DJI Cendence Controller, with extras - $1000 + shipping fee. Located in San Luis Obispo, Ca

    Selling my Cendence controller as I don’t necessarily need it. The right stick malfunctioned and it was sent in to DJI for repair and they just sent me a new one. Comes with patch antenna, 1 battery, crystal sky mount, and hard-case.
  12. nandoarr

    X7 digital lines - Problem

    Hello Inspire Pilots! How you all doing? See, i had this problem yesterday, haven't seen any thread here for this issue...someone have face this before? (the video is not mine, is just a reference of what happened) Thanks for the attention.
  13. X

    Cinematic clouds & fog over Atlantic City - Laowa 9mm Zero - D lens

    Set out to capture a sunset overlooking our hotel, ended up leaving with footage of the coolest rolling fog and cloud formations overtaking Atlantic City. The last scene contains a lenticular cloud (usually only seen hovering mountains) sitting atop our hotel. Shot in 5k/4k raw with the new...
  14. T

    Inspire 2 + x5s + lenses/licenses/batteries/Cine SSD/hard case

    Greetings — I am selling my like new Inspire 2 package. I prefer to sell as a package. Please do not ask for individual pieces of the kit. Currently located in Denver, CO. I am willing to ship within the CONUS. Buyer pays for shipping/paypal fees. I can post photos in the next couple of...
  15. AeroDroneImagery

    X5S with Olympus 14-42mm II - Issues?

    I recently outfitted my I2 with the X5S and am using the Olympus series lenses. Been having the following issues... Using the 17mm fixed Olympus (DJI listed compatible) lens, the X5S gimble motors would sound like they were still working after initialization for about 3-5 seconds, then stop...
  16. Stuart Covey

    2x 240GB CineSSD's and Thunderbolt 3 Station - $1075

    Up for sale are my two 240GB CineSSD's and my Thunderbolt 3 CineSSD Station. I used these once for a project last fall and haven't used them since. In excellent condition and in original boxes/packaging. $1375 value if purchased new. Asking $1075 USD shipped from Rogers, AR or Best Offer...
  17. Mirame Volar Sin Alas

    DJI FOLLOW FOCUS 900 usd + shipping

    Sale FOLLOW FOCUS DJI RONIN Osmo Osmo Pro Inspire 1 Inspire 2
  18. ElectricLife

    Elements | A B&W drone aerial cinematic mountain video filmed in 5K

    Filmed in Switzerland and Tyrol (Italy), featuring 4 different mountain passes.
  19. R

    Cannot Connect Inspire 2 with DJI Assistant 2- Need to Calibrate Vision System

    Ok Day 3 of attempting to calibrate the vision system on my Inspire 2. I have tried connecting the on 3 different Mac computers- 2017 iMac, 2012 Mac book pro, and 2015 MacBook Pro. When I make it to assistant 2 (updated version) I can't make it past the home page and get it to recognize the I2...
  20. M

    Bereavement forcing sale: DJI equipment collection Inspire 1, Inspire 2 and various accessories

    Hi Everyone, I’ve recently joined the forum as my late partner (Ash223) was a member and a keen DJI user. He has left a collection of DJI equipment that now needs to find good homes and bring joy and excitement to other members of the drone community. I am looking to shift the gear quite...