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Inspire 2 & OSMO Pro Bundle For Sale

Nov 5, 2018
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Inspire 2 For Sale. Includes the following items:

Inspire 2 aircraft with T-Motor folding propellers attached

2 sets of propellers,,8 total, including all of the hardware for remounting them

2 controllers including:

1 antenna that updates location constantly, it plugs into the main controller so that if you move the aircraft returns to you and not where it took off from.

1 Zenmuse X5S Camera with the following lenses: 1 Olympus Digital 12mm lens, 1 Olympus Digital 45mm lens, 1 Olympus 25mm lens, all with lens covers and UV lens covers, original storage box included.

1 B&W XS Pro Digital 46mm CPL, 1 B&W 37mm 3 stop ND filter, 1 B&W 46mm 3 stop ND filter.

1 Zenmuse X4s Camera with a set of Polarpro ND Filters made for the X4s, ND8, ND16, ND32, original storage box included .

1 Inspire 2 charging hub, charges 4 batteries at a time.

1 wall charging cable.

1 car charging cable.

6 3D printed pieces that aid in hot battery swapping, makes it easier to push the buttons.

5 sets of paired batteries with the following charge cycles:

Battery #A 31 Charges

Battery #B 30 Charges

Battery #C 32 Charges

Battery #D 30 Charges

Battery #E 70 Charges, I purchased this set to have a extra set, flew it once and just never needed the set. All of the batteries are marked with the appropriate letters on both the front and back sides.

The original Inspire 2 case that it comes in.

The aircraft has been treated with the upmost care at all times. It never took off or landed when not on a landing pad. Suggested maintenance and above was always preformed.

OSMO Pro Includes the following items:

1 Handle.

1 Zenmuse X3 Zoom Camera with a set of Polarpro ND Filters made for the X3, ND8, ND16, ND32.

1 OSMO carrying case.

1 Zenmuse X5 Camera, original storage box included.

1 DJI 15mm lens, with a B&W UV cover.

1 X5 Adapter

1 X Axis X5 Adapter

1 OSMO desk stand

1 OSMO body adapter, so you can wear it on your chest

1 car mount, with 3 super strong suction cups for mounting on a vehicle

4 batteries, 2 DJI batteries and 2 aftermarket batteries

1 mount for a microphone

1 mount for a cellphone

1 mount for extra things you may like, extra cold shoes or whatever

1 single battery charger

1 4 battery charger

1 Phantom 4 charger, so you can plug in the 4 slot battery charger.

I’m up for any ideas con how to get all of this to you. If you want it shipped I can get pricing. If you want to meet up somewhere we can do that too. I’m selling because we are moving to another country and cannot take it all with me. Please ask for more photos if you want.

$5,000 USD For Everything

Located in Charlotte NC, USA Price is in United States Dollars


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