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inspire 2 batteries

  1. heliovue

    DJI Inspire 2 & Components For Sale *Prices Reduced*

    Good afternoon everyone! The time has come to sell my DJI Inspire 2 along with the arsenal of bits and pieces that I have accumulated with it. I'd be ecstatic to sell this as an entire package, but understand that sometimes you only need bits and pieces. Everything is priced piecemeal, but...
  2. D

    How many charges expected out of TB50 batteries?

    Hello all, I just have a general question about the TB50 batteries for the inspire 2. How many charges or cycles should you expect out of each battery? And is there a way to check the health of them as well? Thanks Dayton
  3. Dr Jon

    TB50 wont auto discharge anymore..

    When i got my I2 back in January i set the Batts to auto discharge after 2 days if i didn't use them. This worked fine and the battery would get "warm" to the touch. But a few weeks ago DJI enforced a firmware upgrade to the Batts and since then the auto discharge no longer works. I have checked...
  4. Florida Drone Supply

    480GB SSDs, Batteries and other Inspire 2 Accessories

    We got a call from one of our suppliers that unexpectedly had a few 480GB SSDs for sale due to an order cancellation from someone else. We of course bought them and have them in stock and available. There are only 3 of them (we expect our regular order to arrive shortly). We also have Inspire...
  5. RolandRSA

    Inspire 2 Batteries & 2nd Transmitter - Stock Availability

    Hi All, I am in desperate need of more batteries and a transmitter for my Inspire 2. I am going to be in NYC and Miami between the 18th and the 22nd of February. Does anyone know who or where i can purchase 6 batteries and an additional transmitter for my Inspire, that have stock? All the...
  6. Advexure

    Inspire 2 Batteries IN STOCK at Advexure.com

    Hi All - As the title says, Inspire 2 TB50 Batteries are now IN STOCK and READY TO SHIP here at Advexure, shipping from our LA warehouse. $159/unit, free shipping with the US. You'll find them here: DJI Inspire 2 TB50 Intelligent Flight Battery – Part 5 When they're showing out of stock...