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inspire 2 case

  1. H

    Traveling with the I2

    I'm sorry if this topic has been discussed, but I am planning taking my Inspire 2 on a commercial flight soon and I'm terrified of what could happen while it is out of sight. Has anyone used the stock DJI Inspire 2 Part 13 Carrying Case on a commercial flight? And if so, did it provide enough...
  2. cvanhoose

    Inspire 2 case

    I have a factory Inspire case I no longer have a use for if anyone is interested. The case is in perfect condition. It was never used. Please make me a reasonable offer. I am located in SW Florida. 33326
  3. Neil sulish

    Inspire 2 case??

    anyone know of any hard cased options? I ordered the I2 and am not quite sure what case it comes with..?? Thanks