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inspire1 pro

  1. B

    Inspire 1 pro with X5 camera for sale or trade

    I'm new to this hobby and bought the wrong drone for a rookie. So I'm selling my Inspire 1 pro with 2 batteries extra propellers, controller, and charger plus whatever comes in case when you get it new. It has a few hours of fly time and I would say the batteries witch I always alternated...
  2. G

    DJI Inspire1Pro - Complete Kit - Many Accessories

    I am selling my complete DJI Inspire Pro. This is a converted Inspire1 to Inspire Pro. The package comes with: Inspire1 Pro - Average hours - One crash History - Repaired Proffessionally Zenmuse X5 Camera DJI MFT 15MM lens Olympus 12MM Lens 4 ND Filters 1 CP Filter 4 TB 47 Batteries (2...
  3. 5280aerials

    Inspire 1 upgraded with Zenmuse X5 camera, case, more

    Upgraded Inspire 1. New motors. Zenmuse x5 camera and gimbal with 15mm lens. 3 TB-48 batteries, 1 TB-47 battery Transmitter, remote station 2 prop sets Charger Excellent GPC travel case Less than eight hours flight time on this machine, most before upgrade. All work done by the great folks at...
  4. Scotflieger

    New FW Issued 7 Apr 16

    The following has been released and available of the DJI.com website: Inspire 1 Pro & Inspire 1 2016.04.07 1. Firmware upgraded to v1.8.1.00 2. DJI GO Android upgraded to v2.7.2 Major Updates 1. Improved encryption to enhance security during transmission. Both the aircraft...