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Inspire 1 pro with X5 camera for sale or trade

Oct 2, 2018
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View attachment IMG_20181003_175759875.jpgI'm new to this hobby and bought the wrong drone for a rookie. So I'm selling my Inspire 1 pro with 2 batteries extra propellers, controller, and charger plus whatever comes in case when you get it new. It has a few hours of fly time and I would say the batteries witch I always alternated probably have 7 cycles on them. I stopped using it a few weeks ago because I hit the flag pole in my yard and it fell about 5 feet. Since then the gimbal hasn't been right. The camera works perfect. I don't know much about it. Everything else is good and flys perfect. I'm looking to get $1500 dollars or maybe something small and some cash on top. Shipping is included. I'm from USA Connecticut View attachment IMG_20181003_174610093.jpg


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Hey, would you be interested in trading your drone + controller + batteries (No x5) for my like new Mavic Pro + 2 batteries + controller?

I am in PA, but can meet somewhere in middle in NNJ.

You wouldn’t be interested in keeping your inspire and just trading cameras with me would u? I have the x3 camera. I need a good project
I need an X3 also
Got another Inspire 1 T600
Need to replace the battery box board
I have it but bought another T600 that is very nice

Holla if I can help u

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