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  1. M


    You're getting one heck of a good deal. Located in Atlanta, Georgia. The drone is enhanced. Altitude and geofencing restrictions have been removed. A simple software update will restore the restrictions if you prefer that. Comes with controller, carrying case, charging station, batteries...
  2. C

    Inspire 2 no 2 esc error

    Inspire 2 front (left motor) motor number one 1, led blinks and getting error status. Somtime it works when reboot is done. Please kindly help with this it’ll be help full.... thank you Important : No crash , no force landing just 25 days old.
  3. Cloudwalker

    Greetings from SoCal!!!

    Hi everyone! I’ve been flying my Phantom 4 Pro [Obsidian] for a while now and have just upgraded to the Inspire 2 so that I can do more serious commercial drone work. Looking forward to learning whatever I can from the community. Enjoy and fly safe, y’all!
  4. Urban Kixx Filming

    DJI ZEN X4S Camera and Polar Pro Filters

    New X4S Camera with Polar Pro cinematic ND filters ND4,ND8,ND16 no scratches great condition. Camera no sign of wear ,come with box. $ 400.00 for camera , filters and free shipping. I've had the inspire 2 less than a month and upgrading the camera to the X5S so need to sell this unit.I'm...
  5. A

    Any way to turn off "landing mode" for Inspire 2?

    Hi there, I'm curious if anyone has found a way to turn off the "landing mode" function in the Inspire 2. You know the one... You're coming in to land and then the aircraft hovers slightly above the ground, waits for you to pull down on the throttle some more and then enters a "landing mode"...