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ios 9

  1. dronie

    Comparison of glare - iPad Air, Pro 9.7 & 12.9

    Compared glare and brightness on iPad Air (left), iPad Pro 9.7" (middle) and 12.9" (right). It's hard to see on a photo, but brightness on the two Pro models is, and looks, a little bit brighter. Not a very big, difference, but definitely noticeable. Glare is the biggest difference. As you can...
  2. F

    iOS 9 jailbreak. Apps installed crash. Help!

    So shortly after jailbreaking my iPhone 6 Plus on iOS 9.0.2 I started noticing that almost any app installed from the AppStore seems to crash on launch. This is games too but sometimes the apps work no problem. The apps that do not work, I found out they will work without a problem if device is...
  3. GWS-66

    IOS 9

    Has anyone tested DJI GO w/pre-release IOS9? Just wondering since the update will drop today. Thanks in advance!