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ipad air

  1. A

    I2 Go 4 App apparently destroyed an iPad Air after FW upgrade

    This is cross-posting from forum.dji.com because of the severity of the problem (Editor: please forgive me!) Last night, I was using the I2, props removed, for about two hours, just familiarizing myself with the Go App 4. Everything was working flawlessly. I took numerous screen captures just...
  2. DronePilotOne

    Garmin GLO Portable GPS and GLONASS Receiver

    Hi, New to this forum and to the drone industry I'd like to hear if anybody has experience with this setup: 1: iPad Air WIFI only. 2: Connect a bluetooth device like the mobile Garmin GLO to the iPad Will that work properly with the Inspire 1? Amazon.com: Garmin GLO Portable GPS and GLONASS...
  3. H

    Used Inspire Pro x5 Dual remote package

    Used Inspire Pro x5 package Asking $2,800 shipped. 2 controllers 1 TB47 and 2 TB48 batteries charger Lanyard 2 sets of props (4 used, 4 new sealed) **extras below also unless sold prior separately** 6 sets of 1345T Quick Release Props NIB 4 sets of Quick Release Install Kit NIB NO crashes...