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ipad mini

  1. YeeaaBoii

    2 - iPad Mini 2s in Black + Anti Glare Protectors: $400 for both USA

    I have 2 iPad Mini 2s with the retina displays for sale. They have 16GB of storage and are WiFi only. These iPads were strictly used for flying dual operator on the Inspire 1 only. The only app installed on them was the DJI Go app. The iPad Mini 2s are black and have the Sporty's antiglare...
  2. A

    iPad mini no longer connects via usb to RC

    After a successful dual controller flight, my iPad mini stopped talking to the inspire controller. Iphones all work fine with RC's. Ipad Mini still works fine through wifi with the osmo, but when I connect it via usb to RC it will not connect. I re-installed app. I tested usb cables and port...
  3. I

    Glitchy inspire 1 Image Fix

    Been driving me mad for Months. Glitchy feed down to the iPad mini. Got to the point where i thought I was going to have to ditch the Inspire 1 Pro and find another platform. AT Last. Not my Idea, but it works!
  4. P

    Unexplainable Image Transmission Issues

    I say 'unexplainable' in the hope that someone will actually explain a possible cause for this issue I have been fighting for months... Searching various forums, never finding a fault quite like what I am experiencing (I could be looking in the wrong places). I have an inspire with dual...
  5. I

    The DJI Sun Shade, any good?

    Fed up with Dazzel on your ipad while fly? Check out the DJI Inspire/Phantom Sun Shade. Is it any good? Does it do the job? Have a look. Check out the details on The DJI Sun Shade Part NO:57 Buy Remote Controller Monitor Hood for Tablets (Inspire 1, Phantom 3 Pro/Adv, Phantom 4) | DJI Store