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  1. S

    Can't buy ProRes and CinemaDNG licenses

    Hi guys! I'm live in Ukraine and can't buy those two license because it's no Ukraine in the country list on DJI online store. Online store require my shipping address. So, it's really must be true address or may be fake? Is keys will received only by e-mail or phisically by the post-service...
  2. B

    Inspire 2 - license transfer

    I'm thinking of getting a second Inspire 2 as a backup for an upcoming job. Is there any way of transferring ProRes and CinemaDNG licenses in the field without the two day wait or having to contact DJI
  3. Djalma Ribeiro

    Bug with licenses

    I found a bug in my Inspire 2. If I disable the SSD and turn off the drone, when I re-connect the drone and enable the SSD the app asks me to buy the licenses. If I turn off the drone with the SSD enabled and reconnect the app works normally since I bought the licenses. Dropbox - BUG LICENCE...
  4. Rothphoto

    Licenses not working

    Resolved :)
  5. G

    Thailand's new law for UAVs

    I was planning on upgrading to an Inspire RAW prior to a trip to Thailand in December, but then I read about the new law that came into effect late last year. There is a story on it here: Quick Look at the New Drone Law in Thailand And you can read about what is driving this legislation here...
  6. nadim

    license or certificate

    Hello every one , i live in a country still they don't have any regulations for using a drone ,but they started to do so . when i tried to get a permission to fly a Drone they ask me do you have any license or certificate ? So is there a on line courses or test that i can take certificate...
  7. Phil-RCGeeks

    UK RUSTA course + 5% discount from RC Geeks

    Hi Guys, Just to let you know, if your looking to get qualified in the UK, we've partnered with RUSTA so if you sign up with them, we can offer you a 5% discount on your first order, no matter how big or small :) More details here: RUSTA CAA UAS Training Programme - RC Geeks Blog