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Thailand's new law for UAVs

Feb 6, 2014
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I was planning on upgrading to an Inspire RAW prior to a trip to Thailand in December, but then I read about the new law that came into effect late last year. There is a story on it here:

Quick Look at the New Drone Law in Thailand

And you can read about what is driving this legislation here:

Why You Should Care About Thailand’s Crackdown on Drones

The upshot is that any aircraft over 2kg require a commercial license, which means flying an Inspire requires this license before flying in Thailand. Apparently it takes 3-4 months to secure a license, but I have not been able to find any information on how or where to apply.

I noticed this thread posted by Patrice, but not sure if it was captured before or after the law came into effect:

Thailand from the air in 4K

I only want to take an Inspire to Thailand if I can use it legally. I have no desire to run afoul of the Thai authorities, as the penalties are pretty stiff. If I can't get this figured out I might go with the P4 - better than nothing.

Has anyone here successfully applied for and been granted a license to fly in Thailand?

Is anyone else planning on flying an Inspire in Thailand?

I flew in Thailand last year just before these new laws but I think there were still some restrictions. My advice: don't fly in Bangkok or any crazy busy areas, beaches, islands, jungles, you'll be good!
We have no plans to stay or fly in busy areas as our time will be split between Ko Yao Noi and Krabi. Ko Yao is pretty quiet and isolated, and while Krabi is more popular I don't think it will be super crowded, and certainly nothing like Bangkok.

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