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  1. S

    ProRes 422 D-Cinelike Problem (Lut baked into footage)

    Hey Y'all, I recently flew with my Inspire 2 X5S and recorded in PreRes 422 D-Cinelike. When I watched the footage after the shoot I found that all my footage looked like a LUT had been baked onto the footage. I went home and did more tests and had the same outcome when shooting D-Cinelike...
  2. T

    X5S LUTs

    Hello, does anybody have some LUTs for Zenmuse X5S to share? Thank you Tomy
  3. Highranger

    I am so disappointed with what DJI has done to the Inspire 1

    I am so disappointed in the slight of hand DJI recently have performed with the Inspire 1. After 70 flights, my Log images were so magically transformed from a dull low contrast log file as I applied my 3rd party LUT to them releasing enhanced grading ability. During the FW upgrade from 1.3 to...
  4. Gregg Smith

    Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 LUT Template

    Has anyone come up with a good LUT to use with the new DJI D-Log format so that when I bring my video into Premiere I can use it to colorize my video's properly with the best color?