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  1. J

    Inspire 2 motor blown off and crashed

    Hello! I was hosting a little game, where people used FPV glasses to get 2D view from above. Drone was standing still on air about 160 feet for about 30 minutes (battery swap also) After the event, i was showing around from above with fpv glasses, i backwarding and raising to 490 feet. And then...
  2. dronie

    Loose motor - rattling sound - VIDEO

    My front left motor sounds loose and makes a rattling sound when I spin the prop. It's also the only motor where the prop is loose. I've seen quite a lot of posts about issues with Inspire 2 props/motors now. Guess this qualifies for a replacement? Password: i2
  3. J

    Inspire 1 v1 - Parts Parts Parts

    After conducting a memorial service and wiping away the tears, I've parted out my Inspire 1. I am selling the parts here in hopes that they will help another stay aloft. Sadly I had a crash that left me with a bent frame and a broken arm. Hopefully this will be to your benefit. Below is the...
  4. A

    Gimbal Noise

    It seems that the sound of the motor will also be recorded when using Osmo..people talking about this DJI Forum|Gimbal Sound ?? May need an external mic if want audio with high quality