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  1. dronie

    Loose motor - rattling sound - VIDEO

    My front left motor sounds loose and makes a rattling sound when I spin the prop. It's also the only motor where the prop is loose. I've seen quite a lot of posts about issues with Inspire 2 props/motors now. Guess this qualifies for a replacement? Password: i2
  2. J

    Inspire 1 v1 - Parts Parts Parts

    After conducting a memorial service and wiping away the tears, I've parted out my Inspire 1. I am selling the parts here in hopes that they will help another stay aloft. Sadly I had a crash that left me with a bent frame and a broken arm. Hopefully this will be to your benefit. Below is the...
  3. A

    Gimbal Noise

    It seems that the sound of the motor will also be recorded when using Osmo..people talking about this DJI Forum|Gimbal Sound ?? May need an external mic if want audio with high quality