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Loose motor - rattling sound - VIDEO

Jun 7, 2014
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Copenhagen - Denmark
My front left motor sounds loose and makes a rattling sound when I spin the prop.

It's also the only motor where the prop is loose. I've seen quite a lot of posts about issues with Inspire 2 props/motors now. Guess this qualifies for a replacement?

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Hej Dronie,

If you take the prop off and the motor doesn't make the same noise, then it's OK and You just have the red prop rattle.

All you need to do is to add a small packing shim to the mounting shaft - a small bit of paper is often enough. It just needs to be enough to tighten up the prop when it's put on the prop shaft.

I've used a 4mm strip of grease proof paper folded a couple of times (for thickness) on one side of the motor's prop mounting hub - noise gone, flies fine.
Thanks for the tip - a small piece of paper inside solved it.

i am not an I2 owner yet but out of principal i would have it replaced considering the money i spent (will spend) on it i want a perfect precicion unit. something like this is inacceptable... like buying a rolls roys and having to tighten the screws on the tire now and the because it came loose from factory... what am i missing? dji is crazy to just not handle and tackle the problem or i am not seeing it...

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If you have a problem with a missed balance prop the likelihood is that they have over torqued the fixing screws that hold the quick release mechanism, but you need to be careful when un-screwing them with a torque screw Driver because the socket that it goes in is very shallow and easy to strip so it would be a good idea to replace the screws when you do this and not overtighten as this has resolved the problem for me at least, also if you have a replacement Quick release mechanism you can try that in addition to the screws.
The problem I found was that the screws were overtightened, this compresses the spring plate under the quick release mechanism and does not allow it enough travel to take up any slack once the prop is fitted.

Don't forget once you have fitted it's back correctly and confirmed this has resolved the problem to put a little thread-lock on the screw threads before you finish and check it again for correct fit.
I hope this is of help to you all!!!

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