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no signal

  1. thumpinhard

    inspire one has no camera signal and wont update.

    my inspire1 has set in a cold room for a couple of months and I took it to the ocean the other day and left it sitting for a few hours where it did get some salt spray on it. the camera was not attached and i wiped it off and attached the camera. not sure if salt salt water got inside,but now i...
  2. T

    X5 No Signal error help please!

    Hi! Newbie here (to inspires). Ok I've got an odd situation. Got my inspire pro used as a gift about 6 weeks ago. It's been perfect until I did the most recent firmware update (abt 2 weeks ago) with success and did all 4 of my batteries. A few days later I got a no signal error after several...
  3. Scotflieger

    No Signal issues - Possible Workaround

    There have been various reports of No Signal or camera image in the GO App. I experienced this today with my I1 with X5 fitted. All attempts to remove and refit the camera and recycle the aircraft, RC and app failed to solve the problem. On power up the camera went through its normal dance but...
  4. S

    No Signal Problem on one of two RC's

    I've read a lot of the No Signal forum posts, however, I haven't come across one that matches my particular situation. Situation: I1 dunked in ocean, replaced all damaged electronics with items in New or near new condition. New lightbridge / controller was at 1.3. firmware. Two major issues...
  5. L

    No image Signal

    Since yesterday I get the no video on my tablet but the camera does take photos and video , everything is working as usual except the video signal on the tablet . The FW was updated a month ago and worked fine until yesterday. When I try to reinstall the fw I've got a FW update failure ( see...