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  1. N.J.

    I Pad Air 2 overheats even faster after update

    Flew today with Air 2. 79 degrees and cloudy. 10 minutes in and video went to crap, recorded to ssd like that as well. Latest version on I2 and go4. I have a video shoot on 10/9 to show some potential clients why they should hire us. We are screwed now! (Of course I got the cpu overloaded...
  2. Raymondo

    Overheating batteries - firmware?

    I have not flown my Pro for a while and just updated to After the first two flights, the batteries seem to have a short life. When I tried to charge them I got led 4 flashing - overheated. One was a 47, the other a 48. Anyone experienced this? Any fixes before i go back one...
  3. D

    DJI Inspire 1 downlink issue after upgrade

    First post here so bear with me. I have an Inspire 1 that is just over 1 year old. Very little hours. Worked just fined until a few weeks ago. As you all probably know, not the easiest product to update. Every firmware upgrade has been painful. Prior to the last and most current upgrade...