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  1. J

    360 panoramas at Bocairent

    This are my first panoramas with the inspire 2, still need to improve the exposure with the x5s, some hilighs are burned, but i think its a good start. http://panoramicasaereas.es/panorama/bocairent/
  2. RobH2

    X4S Panorama Image Sample

    I've been teetering on whether to purchase an X5S and all the expensive accessories required. I will at some point but I've been disappointed by the sample images people have posted. Most of them do not bode well for the image quality of the X5S. I've been a professional advertising photographer...
  3. M

    Autopilot (Hangar) Pano Mode Exposure Bands

    Hi All, This was the closest category I could find for this question, so if the moderator would like to move this to a more appropriate spot, please do so. I'm fairly new to Autopilot, so I'm assuming I'm missing something. In Pano Mode, I'm attempting to use Exposure Bands, the function which...
  4. Z

    Panoramic photo from different locations

    I have an area that I want to capture that is too large to cover in one photo straight down. What I would like to do is take multiple photos from 100 feet and stitch them together to create a large photo that has the appearance that it was taken from a very high altitude but still retains the...
  5. davevonfintel

    Panorama Workflow

    What's an ideal way to utilize the I2 to create dynamic pano'? Do you manually take individual images as you pan the camera around (trying to include an overlap) or rotate the whole drone? Tips?
  6. R

    what is your "pro" setup for making 360 panos?

    Hi guys, I fly Inspire 1 Pro with X5 and different lenses. I do many 360 panoramas and feel that hovering accuracy of I1 and X5 sensor are starting to hold me back a bit. So Im thinking to upgrade. To get ultimate photo quality, obvious choice would be Matrice 600 with Ronin-MX and some full...
  7. stevet

    Quick 360 Pano Lake Tahoe

    Just thought I would share a 360 pano I did this morning which is a combination of 34 photos from my Inspire 1. I had a bit of a challenge since it just stopped snowing for a few minutes to get the bird up in the air. First thing I had was the battery was to cold.. I guess its getting that...
  8. egoldy

    New How-To Video On Autopilot's Pano Mode

    Everyone, Enjoy this latest video from the Autopilot How-To Series that will walk you through all the capabilities added with the latest release around Pano Mode and Panorama’s via Waypoint Actions. Autopilot How-To Video: Pano Mode As an added bonus, based upon customer requests, I...
  9. James Connerly

    Bowl and Pitcher Tiny Planet