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port canaveral florida

  1. PortCanaveralFlorida

    Oasis of the Seas

    Oasis of the Seas. One of the largest cruise ships in the world makes winter a new home at Port Canaveral Florida this weekend, I had to grab the camera! Winds, 25+
  2. PortCanaveralFlorida

    Space X Falcon 9 with Disney and Carnival Ships

    Somewhat of an over cast day but at least I captured our growing area here in Port Canaveral Florida. SpaceX just successfully landed the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket on a drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean. It was the third time in a row the company has landed a rocket booster at sea, and...
  3. PortCanaveralFlorida

    US Shuttle Model using the i1

    Thought id send these pics out to all the i1 Pilots worldwide. This was shot this morning 1/18/2016. The video looks good too! Might post some other shots latter but, just a quick'e here to inspire your creativity, and luck too! Gotta go, seeing if I can get a little more with the sun...
  4. PortCanaveralFlorida

    Another....AUTONOMOUS Circle

    thanks for watching and congrats to the City of Cocoa, Florida!