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  1. tbenjaminsen

    Returned DOA TB47 to DJI, after 3 months the replacement has arrived...

    Guess what..? It's dead as well! How the heck can QC at the DJI facilities be so poor that they repeatedly ship dead batteries to customers using (semi) professional equipment? Admittedly, I haven't put the battery in the multi charger, but there is no response when the button is pressed...
  2. Tim

    Replacement Barrel Nut

    Hi Osmo People I've lost the barrel nut on the bike mount clamp for my osmo. I can't find one online or in a local hardware shop. It's 6.5mm diameter with a M4 size bolt but not a M4 size thread so I gather it's imperial instead of metric thread. If anyone has an idea where I can get hold on...
  3. I'm not crazy

    Inspire1 rough landing resulted in 2 smoking motors; help!

    Hi All, Thanks for the help in advance. I was filming down a snowy driveway and accidently allowed the Inspire 1 to drift into the wooded area of the side of the road. Due to a large amount of trees I immediately lowered the drone to the ground with landing gear down. Unfortunately it did not...
  4. J

    Crashed Copter - Urgent help required

    Hi all, I recently had a crash with my copter and am seeking urgent help. It went down via a falling branch in the rain forest and resulted in the gimbal snapping clean off right at end of what was probably my best shot of the project and also the last of the day. Attached are photos off the...
  5. Carey Bradshaw

    Need left carbon fiber lift arm

    Just smashed my inspire and I'm looking for replacement parts. 1) left carbon fiber lift arm (looking at the front) 2) left carbon fiber strut 3) right carbon fiber boom tube (no motors needed)
  6. S

    Replacement of TX Antenna Black or Grey

    Hey All, As you may know, each I1 foot has an antenna in it which goes back to the lightbridge. There are 4 all up, two with grey tips and two with black tips. During the repair of one of mine, the coax connector that plugs in the lightbridge controller broke and it was a black tip connector...