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  1. M

    Inspire 2 FPV camera broken - DJI RMA assistance NIGHTMARE

    Hello everybody, I've been owning an Inspire 2 for some time now (almost from the launch), and recently I experienced a strange behaviour with the FPV camera. I need to premise that I already returned the X5S for a vibration on the yaw axis, a TB50 battery for unbalance at 1 month and 11 charges...
  2. J

    inspire 1 RMA warranty nightmare (Must Read)

    Hi everyone, I want to share a recent experience I had with DJI involving several RMA's. I am not one to complain or rant, I am here just to share my experience and give some advice to others when conducting future RMA's I don't really post on the forums, more so just browse going to start...
  3. J

    Received my Inspire back from RMA. Issue not resolved.

    Hi there. So I recently sent my Inspire into DJI's LA office, because it was constantly losing video signal and ultimately lost all signal while shooting over water, causing me to nearly lose the craft. I received the unit back within two weeks, which surprised me, in a good way. What didn't...