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  1. Bigshow

    Inspire 1 and Litchi

    Hi guys, I am new to this and would like some help. I have been flying my inspire 1 with my Note 9 for a long time and had no problems. The Note 9's screen is not bright at all and I always struggle to see what's on the screen when in direct sunlight. I bought a Crystalsky ultra 7 inch to use...
  2. Ralph thompson

    Go App beyond cell phone range.

    Using the GoApp beyond cell phone range, there is no map to confirm your home point. I thought I had cached the map beforehand but it did not come up when I opened the GoApp. Cacheing the map worked perfectly in Autopilot and the home point appeared correctly. But because I couldn't confirm Home...
  3. M

    Inspire 2 RTH issue

    Over the last several days I have been having issues with the RTH function. I have the RTH height set at 50m and until recently it has been working fine. When I now activate the RTH function the Inspire just lowers the landing gear and starts descending wherever it is ie it doesn't return to...
  4. T

    Negative altitude with inspire 1

    Hi guys, I have job coming up where I need to take some shots of a dock wall at low tide. My question is, if I take off at say 0m then fly over the dock wall and down to say - 9m, will this present a problem for the i1 RTH Thanks
  5. D

    object avoidance is disabled n RTH mode, is this correct?

    hi In the Matrice 100 firmware notes, it makes comment that guidance / object avoidance is disabled n RTH mode, is this correct? We are thinking of getting a matrice 100 with guidance, but this seems strange that this is disabled in RTH mode? as this is a likely time when you want it on...
  6. MrDrone

    Inspire 1 - Slave controller Question

    Can the slave controller trigger RTH? Based on the DJI manual it looks like the only control given to the slave controller is the camera gimbal and to be able to see the video feed and telemetry data. Am I correct?