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  1. M

    Sensor cleaning for x7

    Has anyone successfully sent their zenmuse x7 off for a deep clean? Looking for recommendations on getting the sensor cleaned, mine got especially dirty recently. Small town, so no local camera shops. Thanks!
  2. S

    Parrot Sequoia+ Sensor For Sale - $4,000

    Hello, Im currently selling a Parrot Sequoia Multispectral Sensor (Plus version) for $4,000 USD. It is in excellent condition, basically new as only been used maximum twice. It also comes with all the accessories, which includes: 1 Multispectral sensor 1 Sunshine sensor 1 Calibration Target 1...
  3. nandoarr

    Black Spot (dust) on Sensor - Behind the IR glass

    Hello Inspire friends, how you guys doing? I have some spots on the sensor, and it can't be clean by the outside, already cleaned it with the right tools, but the spots ares still there and i realized that they are behind the IR glass that compose and protects the sensor of the X5S. has anyone...
  4. E

    Parrot Sequoia £2,999

    We have a new Parrot Sequoia for sale on ebay: Parrot Sequoia Multispectral Mapping Sensor | eBay The item was purchased in advance of an anticipated work for a contract that was cancelled. The sensor was tested for functionality in the lab. All original packaging and items are included with...
  5. N

    X5s ugly grid lens flare when shooting into sun

    When shooting my x5s into the sun I have been noticing this unacceptable grid in my shots that makes them unusable. My settings have been shooting 25mm lens (happens with all lenses), raw, rec709, 5.2k and 4k. Has anyone encountered this problem or is it just my camera sensor and I should reach...